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  • Category: Miscellaneous's cold! Best tips to stay warm and maintain good health in winter

    Want to know how not to catch a cold and cough in the cold season? Share your tips and useful suggestions in this forum thread.

    Across many States in India, we are experiencing extreme cold weather. You are likely shivering, your fingers barely move over the keyboard, even your mind feels totally numb.

    How are you tackling the extreme dip in temperature? Is there any particular panacea that is working for you? Share them here and keep the ISCians warm & in good spirit!

    (Note - please don't take tips off the Net, just share what you are actually doing yourself to keep warm and maintaining good health)

    In my case, other than wearing sweaters to keep out the chill, I am plugging my ears with cotton to keep out the windy air from whistling through so that I don't catch a cold.

    I am also making hot soup once in a while. I made Zucchini soup for the first time ever yesterday, made from a recipe taken from the Net. It included one chopped onion, one peeled and diced potato, one zucchini (peel it), a bit of ginger and a garlic piece, a teaspoon of white pepper and also a dash of herbs if you have these (I keep a bottle of mixed herbs on my kitchen shelf). Cook it in a tablespoon of unsalted butter, let it cool, then blend with a little water in a mixie, heat in a vessel, adding a bit of salt as per your taste and serve.

    I also find having lemon-flavoured watery soup good to have - just boil water containing a few sprigs of lemon grass, one garlic piece, bits of ginger and a few stalks of coriander leaves (the stems only, not the leaves). When the bubbles pop up in the water, squeeze half a lemon into it, let it simmer a bit more, mix, strain into a mug and drink it up. (This soup was a suggestion of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor)
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    Yes the climate is very tricky in Telangana and in Hyderabad it is not consistent. In the early morning it is very chilly and cannot venture out without coat or sweater to the body and muffler as ear closing cap and by the time it is 10 am, the heat would be slowly gaining and it continues till 6 in the evening. Again the winter sets in late in the evening and the we cannot go out without protective gear. So my best advise is to have one banian , one t-shirt and one shirt to tackle cold and in the evening also the same dressing would continue. If we wear sweater , then by afternoon it has to be removed and kept aside.
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    A good thread. In the presence of my wife and my daughter, I take coffee or soup prepared by my wife. During their absence....., well, forget about it!

    However, is it so cold in Mumbai nowadays? I am really astonished! Our ME may inform what is the minimum temperature recorded in Mumbai during last seven days or so.

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    Yes, Its really cold in the mornings and while going home by 12.00 PM is really a nightmare. I have heard some tips from my grand parents how to keep healthy during winter, let me list out them.

    -- Drink more milk : Milk helps to keep our immune system in high alert that in turn which prevents of cold and cough. Also milk has important source of calcium, which helps keep our bones strong.
    --Use multiple bed sheets, densest on the top.
    -- Avoid Cotton clothes, which absorbs wet and takes longer to get dry.
    --Having food hot helps to stay warm.

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    I have a related curiosity to know as to what punctuation should be used after interjection brr?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As I do want to know what is the abbreviation of brr....
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    If you catch severe cold one thing you can do is boil some water in a utensil and add one spoon of turmeric powder in the boiling water.
    Immediately keep your face on to the vapors coming from the utensil and cover your head and utensil with a rug. Inhale the vapors from the utensil as much as possible which clears your stuffy nose. You do this procedure 2-3 times in a day which makes you relieved from the cold as well as it cures cold.
    Another thing you can do is mix half a spoon of black pepper powder and a pinch of turmeric in a glass of hot milk and drink. This will help you to relive and get cured from cold and cough.

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    In my place, the winter is not that serious to take care. We are as normal as we are. Only the old people think of wearing a jersey or muffler.
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    I think it is the lips shivering with words uttering Brr.........(Practically experienced by me when I was in Delhi during the winter)
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    What I learned from experiencing cold Delhi winters.
    In cold weather, the body burns more fuel/food to produce heat. So the basic idea is eat more food in cold weather.
    Keep chocolate bars handy – they give quick energy and keep warm for some time, same effect with some wine or other alcohol drinks as appropriate. Any form of chocolate drink would be good too. Keep in mind that drinking lots of liquids will also take you to restroom often. Chocolate bars are good when traveling. I am not a chocolate fan, and the only time I eat is in cold weather.

    Heat goes out a lot from head – so covering head would help.

    Walking on cold floor in the house if there is no carpet, will drain heat from the body through the soles of the feet – wear socks or footwear (for use inside home only); if not practical, then put your feet over a wooden plank/plastic sheet/old newspaper/x-ray sheet etc. instead of directly on floor when have to sit at a place for long.

    Wear multiple layers of thin clothes; it is easier to moderate your need by peeling off or putting on more. One thick sweater is also good but you don't get variation according to your needs.

    Cover front of neck always, as the throat area is always thin whether you are a normal sized or large or thin.

    Applying some dry skin lotion on hands and feet helps to keep the heat within and keep the cold out.

    In cold places, the houses are built with double layers and a gap in between. If the house is not built like that, then a 2nd layer can be made especially on the windows and doors by taping up large cardboard pieces. You can cover the eye-jarring effect by placing curtains where needed. Or paste white sheet over them and create space for your art work.

    Best and costly option is to use electric heaters and live like any other day inside the house.

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    From net I found Brr..... is an expression used to express being cold and shivering. It is said to be an interjection.

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    I have done steam inhalation but not with turmeric powder in the hot water as suggested by Ramakrishna Kambhampati in #588200. That is a new one to me! I usually put 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in the water to unclog my blocked nose & also dip a cloth in it later and apply it gently on my nose & throat for relief. It does help a lot to deal with a cold.

    Bala - on reading your response, I remembered to put my feet in warm slip-on footwear. Somebody had given a few pairs of them which are soft and made of the same material as bathrobes (what is called Terry material). They do keep the feet nice and warm!

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    Vandana madam, Using Turmeric in boiling water to inhale vapors is the most popular method followed by people in AP And Telangana for overcoming cold is an old age method. Scientifically Turmeric containing an antiseptic substance in it and it work against germs. Ayurveda Doctors also suggest this method for cold.

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    Dos and Donts during cold wave:-

    (a) Check that you have adequate winter clothing.
    (b) Stay indoor, if possible.
    (c) Check on the neighbours and relatives who stay alone, especially elderly.
    (d) Take regular hot drinks like soup. It will help body heat to fight cold.
    (e) Ensure adequate warm clothing and appropriate footwear for yourself and small children.
    (f) Use hats or other head-cover. These would prevent heat loss from the body.
    (g) Don't take alcohol. It would reduce body temperature. (However, I myself don't agree to this advisory issued by my office).

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    No.3 in your list in response #588275 was a very thoughtful suggestion. Even otherwise, in all seasons throughout the year, checking in on elderly people one knows, both relatives and neighbours, to know if they are OK and need any assistance is a good deed.

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    To keep side-effects of winter at bay, eat foods that are warming. People belonging to the northern belt, where winter is severe, eat certain dishes in the winters, as they are known to provide extra energy and have a warming effect on the body. Foods that were part of my childhood, during the cold winter months are –

    1. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – Amla ka muraba, which is akin to a preserve, is said to have properties that up the immune system. You can also make chutney or a spread using fresh amlas, jaggery, herbs and spices of your choice – the same way you would make an aam ki launji
    2. Laddoos – There are different variants of ladoos that you can choose from. They are a power-house of nutrients and the best part is can be prepared at home, and have a long shelf life. Winter-time laddoos generally have a lot of dry fruits which makes them calorie and nutrient dense. I'd suggest gaund (edible gum) laddoo, til (sesame seeds) laddoo, dry fruit laddoo and besan laddoo
    3. Bajra (millet) roti served with sarson ka saag (mustard greens) and makhan. Bajra tikki, which is a deep-fried, sweet patty, made with bajra, jaggery and sesame seeds, was one of my favourites
    4. Meat eaters can try paya (trotter) soup. It is supposed to be a 'magical' potion, good for every cold-weather induced ailment
    5. Gajjar ka halwa and atta halwa, with lots of nuts
    6. Panjiri – this is made from whole wheat flour and ghee and has makhana (fox nuts) and other dry fruits and nuts in it
    7. Homemade chocolate fudge, brandy snap, ginger biscuits and ajwain (carom seeds) biscuits, as munchies
    8. Chyawanprash with warm milk, before bedtime
    9. Egg flip that was made using milk and raw eggs and given to us before going to bed, when the temperatures dipped or when we had a cold
    10. Half boiled egg, one every day for breakfast
    11. Cod liver oil/shark liver capsules at bedtime
    12. Chuara (Dry dates) – 2, every morning
    13. Have seasonal fruits and vegetables
    14. Soups are excellent for cold winter days, but put some thought into what goes into the soup. Zucchini, as I understand is a summer veggie, and makes a nice, light summery soup. It has cooling properties, so can't say it is good as a winter veggie.

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    Oh yes, Juana! Amla is great to have, not just in winter, but at any time of the year. My Physician had told me it helps boost immunity & prevents colds & coughs which arise due to seasonal weather changes so that is one thing I do have often, by simply boiling and eating it.

    I have also heard about Gajak, the sesame & groundnuts combo dry sweet which people in the North eat during winter. I love those & if ever I meet an ISCian in those parts when visiting, you're welcome to feed me with them!

    As for Zucchini being a summer veggie - well, frankly, I don't really know off-hand which veggies in particular are appropriate for summer eating and which for other seasons. I like cooking generally & just like trying out new recipes that I see in a food magazine or read up on the Net. That Zucchini soup I made turned out to be really very good, was savoured by my family to the last drop & have been instructed to make it again!

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    How could I forget gajak, and then there is rewari too. In fact, I ordered both online from Place of Origin. I prefer the gur ki gajak, rather than the sugar variant.

    If you have a cold and have trouble sleeping at night, dab some eucalyptus oil on the pillow. Alternatively, dab some of it on your nightdress. You will keep inhaling the vapours, through the night, which will keep the nostrils from stuffing up.

    Cooking in mustard oil is beneficial, as it is said to have properties that warm the body.

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    its very cold these days, i stay under the blanket most of the times and can't wake up early. haha

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    One should wear the cold protective clothings and do not expose yourself to cold air. Take some kaju and badam (4-4 pc of each) daily to give heat to your body. Take tea with ginger and tulsi patta. Apply vicks on the nose if it is clogged. Take steam with vicks after water boiled by covering the face with towel.
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    I like the Tulsi-Ginger tea of Organic India. You just need to put a sachet in a cup and pour hot water on it. It is very soothing to have when I've got a cold and I keep a box of them to have once in a while at any time of the year. Vicks is also great to use to unclog the nose and get relief too to a congested chest.

    Today I made soup with red & yellow Bell peppers and carrot with a pinch of white pepper. As mentioned in recipes, for soups I have started to use a bit of unsalted butter (available in a 1/4kg. block at a local mithai shop) to first cook the veggies, then cool it before putting it in the mixie & serve it hot with a sprinkling of coriander leaves. Delicious!

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    Soups can make a nice, light meal. Just add some noodles to the soup as its cooking or serve the soup with bread sticks or croutons. I prefer to serve soup with slices of garlic bread. I make bell pepper soup too, but like to char the peppers a bit, for a nice smoked flavour. Roast the bell peppers on the gas stove or in an oven; peel off the burnt bits, before pureeing them. I also add more flavours to the soup - onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots and parsley. You mention using unsalted butter (cooking butter) for sautéing the veggies - add a little oil (olive) to avoid the milk solids, in the butter, from burning.

    Here is a tip to get relief from an itchy throat that won't allow you to sleep. Take an old sock and fill it ¾ with either rice grains or rock salt. Tie a knot on the top. Microwave the sock, with its stuffing, on high, for 1 minute and place it on the throat, for almost instant relief from a persistent cough. The sock can also be placed on the chest to clear chest congestion.

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    I don't have a microwave. Would it work if the sock is warmed on an ordinary pan?

    Yes, I like bread croutons with soup if I happen to have bread at home. Other than baingan, however, I've not been successful in roasting other veggies on the mesh-grill I have or directly on the flame. Somehow, I manage to burn them very successfully and get upset at wasting the vegetable. So I stopped that part of cooking. What I will do, if you are agreeable, is next time when I get a chance to get your gracious hospitality, I will have the soup made from roasted veggies at your home!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    The idea is to get the salt/rice really hot. You can do that in a pan and stuff them into a sock. It is the heat that provides relief.

    If you are wary of using direct flame then try using a chapatti tawa to roast the bell peppers. Just heat the griddle and place the peppers on it. Keep turning them periodically, to avoid them charring too much. You can also use tongs to hold the vegetable over the burner, to achieve desired results.

    Soup at my place – most definitely. I'll have to alter the recipe though because I always use a meat based stock for all my soups.

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    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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