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    What is the definition of Success in Life?

    According to you what is the definition of success in life? Good life/ wealth/ stability or anything else? Let us discuss about this here.

    There is a question about Success in my mind. Please help me to get its answer.

    Following are options. You may give other options also. Choose which is the best definition of Success.

    1. Establishing himself /herself as a well known person.
    2. Bringing up his/her children and giving them good education.
    3. Knowing himself/herself and doing always good for others.
    4. Making an empire by hook and crook.
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    Success means differently to different individuals. If a student set a target to clear IAS examination and finally after repeated attempts, ends up only in clearing the bank's clerk examination, even then he/she will have to be labelled as successful compared to the individual who remained unemployed.

    In general, success lies in leading a happy and contented life by utilising the life in constructive and positive activities instead of wasting the same by somehow managing to idle it away. Still, out of the options listed by the author of the thread, I would prefer to choose the second option i.e. to impart best possible education to the children and making them financially and intellectually independent.

    On death bed, nothing is likely to haunt more to a sensible individual than irresponsible and vagrant children.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    "Total victory is scoring an easy win by doing what you always do".
    You don't have to lay down your life to be successful. You don't have to make supreme sacrifices. Just believe in yourself and do what you always do the best.
    Some people waste away their entire lives in order to be successful. They finally were successful but it costed them their happiness.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The definition for success cannot be the same for every one. For a young child say the kid who is struggling to put his best foot forward to learn the walking, then without falling on the ground when he tries to do some waking without the help of any one is the success. For a student when he prepares for the exam and the same questions comes in and he writes good paper and gets wonderful marks. That is the success story for him. For a unemployed youth, when he was suddenly called for a interview from a unknown source and he attempts the interview with great determination and even fetched a decently paid job is the great success for him. For the elders who in the evenings of their life, when they see their children get settled and started earning good salary and also have the grand children with equally intelligent abilities, they feel like achieved much success in life. For a manufacturer, selling all the produced product is the success. So the list is endless.
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