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    Saga of gallantry: An indisciplined soldier died singing

    September 1965: The Poonch-Haji Pir road was dominated by two Pakistani posts called Raja and Rani. The Indian Division posted at that sector decided to capture these two posts to stop Pakistani infiltration by this route. Initially the task of capturing Raja post was given to 3 Dogra, but the attempt was not successful. Later the task was assigned to 2 Sikh under Lt. Col. N.N. Khanna. The attack was scheduled on 7th September, at first light.

    The Raja Post was strongly held by a company of 4 AK Battalion and a platoon of Zhob Militia. 2 Sikh could not commence the attack at first light; instead the attack was initiated after one and a half hour. The enemy was alert. Immediately, small arms and LMG fire started from the enemy's position. 2 Sikh could not move forward because of constant fire. The sun was rising in the east.

    Suddenly, the CO, Lt. Col. Khanna decided to move forward. Along with him, soldiers started moving upwards. Fierce battle started. Soldiers of both the sides were fighting like men possessed. Suddenly, a burst of machine gun fire hit Lt. Col. Khanna and he was seriously wounded. Later he died. 2 Sikh sung many individual saga of gallantry on that fateful morning.

    Sepoy Jarnail Singh was in inebriated condition at the time of commencement of attack. Lt. Col. Khanna ordered him not to join the attack. He was kept at reserve platoon despite protest by Jarnail. Lt. Col. Khanna was hit by LMG at 0550 hr. This indisciplined Sepoy immediately joined the battle along with the reserve platoon at 0615 hr. Even at that time he was singing loudly. Later he left the platoon psition also.

    Raja post was finally captured at 0710 hr. on that day after fierce fighting. When other soldiers of 2 Sikh reached the post, they were astonished. The commander of the Zhob Militia was found shot dead at the bunker. Besides his body, lay the body of Sepoy Jarnail Singh. It was clear that both of them shot each other at the same time. Even at the time of his death, this inebriated, indisciplined soldier was singing loudly.

    Raja Post was captured on 7th September, 1965. Simultaneously 3 Dogra captured Rani post.
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    You not only enlighten us of the brave deeds of the Armed Forces personnel of whom we have not even heard of, you have a way of narrating which keeps us enthralled. It is not a bad idea if you come up with such narrations once or twice in a month (don't make it too frequent though, as otherwise the charm is lost). I was wondering if you have ever conducted story telling sessions for children (not of war & violence but of other types).

    I did look him up and it seems Sepoy Jarnail Singh was a very good basketball player. Did he get a Gallantry award for his courage, no matter that he was inebriated & indisciplined?

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    As I have already mentioned, many soldiers of 2 Sikh sung many sagas of gallantry on that day. Naik Chand Singh, the javelin- thrower of 2 Sikh, cleared ten enemy bunkers with his section. Naib Subedar Darshan Singh, the sprinter of the unit, simply ran uphill leading his platoon and single-handedly cleared a machine gun bunker.

    Lt. Col. N.N. Khanna got Mahavir Chakra posthumously for his exemplary leadership and courage. He turned the hopeless position at 0535 hrs. to a grand victory at 0710 hrs. on that day. Later a soldier of 2 Sikh described the battle by a simple sentence: "Raja litta, Raja ditta" ("We got Raja post by giving our Raja", i.e., the Commanding Officer).

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    Sepoy Jarnail Singh did not get any gallantry award, but he was 'mentioned in dispatches'.
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    The story narrated by the author testifies the behind the scene happenings in the armed forces for which ordinary people never had the access. We all think that those working in armed forces are disciplined and get the things timely and they wont have any woes except meeting their family early. But since two weeks we are coming across the videos posted by Jawans in BSF who are stationed at strategic locations against inferior quality of food supplied to them which has no taste or the quality to build stamina in them. Though the government denied that allegation, but the fact remains that the Jawan shown the video of food he is eating and that brings the big question mark as to how our soldiers are being treated at the borders. So given this back drop and the soldiers are advised to be tight lipped for not venting their ire, this post testifies the mental state of affair in the armed forces.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: I feel that this is not an appropriate thread to discuss the supply of ration to the Para-military forces in border areas. However, it must be stated that the BSF jawan who uploaded the video himself admitted that there is no fault of the Government. Corruption takes place in the supply line within BSF.
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