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    Please give tips and suggestions to maintain balance on two wheeler for begineers.

    Riding bicycle may be easy task for many but for some its more difficult than climbing mountains and I am among later ones so I left it and never learned bicycle riding.
    But this new year my grandfather has gifted me a new scooty and I have no idea how to ride it and I am trying to learn it this time.
    But I am too afraid about balance although my cousin is teaching me very well about all the basics. Please suggest some tips and suggestions for maintaining balance while riding a two wheeler vehicle.
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    You know what I had this problem till I was 16. Then I finally gave up my fear and now I successfully ride on the roads. Balancing a bicycle is easy. Einstein said," Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving." Do the same. Give your everything in initial momentum. The momentum will carry you few meters. From then, keep on pedaling and keep a constant or very high velocity. You need not worry about balance.
    First law of Newton- an object tends to travel in a straight line with a uniform velocity when a force is applied. Keep shifting your center of gravity above the center of gravity of the cycle.
    As for the scooters and bikes, just keep velocity constant while beginning.

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    Don't start abruptly. Keep the velocity uniform. Practise in open ground. Give full concentration, especially at the time of start. Don't go for heroics. Please don't worry. It would be easier to mantain balance in a scooty than maintaining your balance in a bicycle.
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    People generally under the impression that if they know how to ride a cycle, they can also ride a scooter with ease. But that is not the case. A scooter is heavy weight machine and the new rider would find it difficult to handle the scooter before even starting the same. What I suggest that you keep one pillion rider as your coach and ask him or her to guide you while driving. You already know the balancing act and just wanted to be taught about how to start, how to move and how to accelerate and how to break . The things can be known within two or three days and that will bring enough confidence in you.
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