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    Three mistakes of your life and how they motivated you

    What are the three mistakes of your life that have now become your life's three best lessons? Share your short story and tell us how your mistakes became a motivation for the rest of your life. I hope your story could motivate and inspire others too.
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    I made a hell lot of mistakes until now. I'm the clumsiest person alive.
    Well mistake no 1: I was born. ( just kidding).
    And I realized that not many live a comfortable life like me. So I stopped being ambitious and started being content with what I possess.
    Mistake 2: Well I entrusted my fellow friend with my deepest,darkest and ugliest secrets. I made him swear that he wouldn't reveal them to anyone. Guess what! He betrayed me!
    So I stopped believing in people and things. Now I consider myself a non-believer.
    And I can't believe myself how happy I am.

    Mistake 3: I was always good at studies. So time came when I got cocky and lost my marks in my eighth grade. I fell so low in my own eyes. It took me 3 more years to redeem myself.
    Now I'm awesome and my grades touch the roof. ( Again being cocky I guess).

    Well these were the three silly or small mistakes that not necessarily motivated me but changed the course of my life for good.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Well in this course of 54 years of my life there were some mistakes which I was committed not willingly but some actions were taken for my own betterment and good of the family. I started believing the people that they would care and abide by my feelings and would pave the way for rest of my life. That was the great mistake. Now I felt that we are not bound by the help or sacrifice from others, we are responsible for our own destiny. Merely if some people talk in our favor and sheds some crocodile tears we should not be carried away with the impression that they are with us in our troubled times. So what I learned from my life so far that " Bal pe bal apna bal, doosron ka bal chooley mein jal" that means the life and destiny belongs to me and my strength is my ability and no one can snatch away my talent nor my luck. If I am going to work sincerely the rewards and awards are going to come anyway.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The first mistake ,I made in my childhood leaving the way of prayers and rituals of my own religion adopted the way of prayers and rituals of other religion which influenced me.I made my mother unhappy.
    The second mistake was that I cared a lot to whom, who had no feelings.I taught them ,spent a lot of time with them.
    But ,they made a distance from me ,which is surprising.
    The third mistake ,I trusted the people .who have no morals.They thought they made me fool.
    But mistakes make us smarter than before.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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