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    Sanskrit-Mother of All Languages

    It has always been said that Sanskrit is the origin of all languages existing till date. According to my observation, I have seen that south Indian language like Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu and Kannada words have quite similarities with Sanskrit words. But, when it comes to languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Irish to name a few I have found no words matching with Sanskrit words. So, how come Sanskrit is said to be the mother of all languages?
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    There is no doubt that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages not because of its strength and deep meaning in its each word but it was the origin and basis for other language to be created and then got the identity of their own by drifting away the path of Sanskrit based follow up. The creators or English, German , French , Spanish and even Irish were rattled by the growing presence of Sanskrit in India and aboard in those olden days, they want to cut that monopoly and thus christened their own way of writing and channeling and thus Sanskrit has been relegated to such level, that no one would get doubt that Sanskrit was base language for others to follow. Those who follow the Hindu religion and the glorious past of our Epics and happenings, there cannot be any dispute nor claim of other language having superiority or came first before the Sanskrit. If any body says that Sanskrit is not the origin for other language, probably he misleading the public.
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    Yesterday when I was watching a show on this language where it is still taught, learn as an linguistic language in one village in Karnataka (not as pandit's mantra) and that show covered how this language is mother of all Indian languages and its highlight is, it also said that is father of English. That is really astonished.

    If somebody is interested, they say it is hardly take 20 days to learn but only one condition that they have to stay there and learn and showed many foreigners stayed and learning. Also I have watched one shared video clip where a set of students in foreign land chant our Mantra in chorus as a syllabus of school system.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I'm sorry I beg to disagree. How come you didn't find Sanskrit words in English ,French, Spanish or German? I can point out tons of similarities.
    Mother in English, Mama in Spanish, Muter in German all coincide with "Matha" in Sanskrit.
    Brother in English, Bruder in German coincide with "Bratha" in Sanskrit.
    That in English, Das in German coincide with "thadh" in Sanskrit.
    "I am" coincides with " Aham".
    Look how similar the day to day words are? Do you still think Sanskrit isn't the mother of all languages. Actually Sanskrit is one of the only handful of surviving ancient Asian-European languages which were further modified into different languages.
    But Tamil is much more ancient. There is every chance that Tamil became predecessor of Sanskrit. And Tamil used today, is polluted with Sanskrit words.
    Actual Ancient Tamil wouldn't even be comprehensible to modern Tamil speakers.
    So I think Tamil instead gave birth to Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam in the South, while Sanskrit prevailed in the north.

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    Yes, Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages. Not only that, Sanskrit has close links with Latin and the languages which have been derived from Latin languages.
    But unfortunately, after independence, a section of short-sighted politicians and intelligentsia with left and liberal leanings started ridiculing Sanskrit language. Studying Sanskrit was directly and indirectly discouraged all over the country.
    It is expected that the trend of ridiculing Sanskrit would be stopped and the Central and State Governments would encoruage study of Sanskrit and related research in future. Serious research in Sanskrit would definitely help to find many hidden gems written in this language (in every field).

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    Now English is communicative language in the universe and though the English is not a main language in India and many inventions and incidents are explained in English and after a gap of 100 years, we do not know which language is going to be used for communication. In that period many of our youngsters appreciating English as a mother of all languages. Many years ago, sanskrit was the main language to communicate and thereby many communications and including many inventions were written in sanskrit only. Akbar the Great was very much interested on the Sanskrit language and he appointed many scholars to translate all sanskrit workings into persian language and thereby communication spread worldwide. The specialty of Language Sanskrit can be understand only if we read the sanskrit workings with meaning as a Jangiri taste could be realized only when we eat jangiri.

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