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    Cleanliness, everything is widely accepted only if told in English and by foreigners

    Our elders told to follow cleanliness in many ways in the name of Aachaaram but we people mocked them and set aside as old man words. If we follow the same in the house as told by our elders, the youngsters mocked and ignore them and it is wonder to hear the same from them by seeing the same on the internet as told by Americans in the name of hygiene. Similarly, we set aside all follow up traditions formed by our elders and feeling happy when the same is followed by other country's people. Other country people are mostly accepting our culture very interestingly but we are all following their culture which has no meaning. In the name of modernization, PETA etc., we are all killing our own culture by abolishing existing activities but following the same in other name like commenting our village play Kittippul which is renamed with modifications as Cricket and overwhelming on the same.

    On the other side, some other country marketeers offering footware,dresses with Indian Gods and patriots pictures and we without knowing the insult we are appreciating and clapping well.

    There is a play in village side called ILAVATTAKKAL,REKLA RACE which is almost ignored by many but foreigners enjoyed the same when they attended the village festivals German tourists enjoying Rekla, Belgium tourists enjoyed Elavattakal at Kodimangalam near Madurai,Tamilnadu.

    Our elders responsibility lies very much in them to seed our culture in our children otherwise we Indians should get last (lost) our valuable culture.
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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman,

    Note that the topic of aping the West has been covered many times earlier in forum discussions. However, we will keep this thread open for a few days since you have added a few new aspects to it. You could provide explanations of terms which others are unlikely to understand and please do not put anything in all capital letters except when required. Also, you should explain the photo, as without an explanation, there is no clarity on what it is depicting. Is it a self-taken photo? If not, do not include it.

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    Yes we are habituated to get our sense only when a foreigner apes our custom and tradition and show the way to glorify it . Only yesterday I was watching the Dil Hai Hindustani song recognition series on Star Plus and in that we could see many foreigners participating with lots of interest and singing the bollywood songs better than the Indian singers and their dedication has to be accepted. This shows that given the talent even the foreigners can be a competitor for us and their talent cannot be taken light. So when they participate in our village games and rituals during festivities , then getting amused is for sure.
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    I have understood the basic theme which the author wants to discuss. Yes, we ignore the advice given by our elders. At the same time, when the same advice is given by people of western countries, we follow the advice. However, we must have our body, mind and the surroundings clean for our own benefit.
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    Why does one have to mock other cultures, to show our culture is the best – why such ethnocentrism?

    All people and their cultures are great in their own way. One can be qualified to comment on another culture only if one has been exposed to it. Going by mere hearsay does not make one an expert on a subject. If we are moving away from our culture the fault lies with us. The trouble with us is that we like to push the blame on others, and as usual, pin everything going wrong with our society, on western influence.

    A couple of foreigners, enjoying a sport, do not indicate anything. They were probably just present at the place and participated in the sport. I would call them 'good sports' and not make such a big deal of it. It is we who create much hype when foreigners try something in our country. It is just an experience that they take back home, as tourists. Why does a couple of foreigners indulging in an Indian traditional sport have to make headlines? Let us celebrate what is ours and not use foreigners to gauge the worthiness of our traditions.

    We have a very rich cultural heritage there is no denying that, but most of it is confined to the places of origin. I do not think the rest of India would have heard of 'Jallikattu' until the ban on it. Your comment on PETA is probably in reaction to the organization's stand against Jallikattu. Do you think members of the organization lack the intellect to stand up against something or are easily influenced by a foreign culture?

    I honestly do not understand this blame game. Why don't we take responsibility for our shortcomings? And, in my view, anyone who wears western attire should not point fingers at those who choose to do what they like. We cannot have a different set of rules – of what is accepted and what is not. Let's embrace every bit of our culture, before hurling accusations at others.

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