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    Indian sports is not improving?why?

    Why Indian sports not developing? As countries having high population is increasing in economy and in other activities
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    Who says Indian sports are not improving. Yes when compared to Cricket , we are not giving much thought to other sports but in the recent past we could see big games are initiated in the fields of football, hockey, wrestling and even Kabbadi. By organizing pro-league matches by some enthusiastic organization these sports are also getting encouragement and popularity. What I suggest that there must be separate Ministry for each sports so that long term plans can be started and followed on to take the particular sport to International level as there are every chance of our getting name and fame through every sport.
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    Indian sports are definitely improving, but very slowly. There are various comple factors behin this phenomenon. Some of these are:- (a) General discourage to take up sports a career, (b) Not giving enough opportunities for sportspersons after their retirement, (c) excessive importance on cricket, (d) lack of adequate training facilities, (e) Inadequate Government help, etc. Even then, our sportspersons are improving slowly but steadily in every discipline. But a lot more is required to be done.
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    India only achieved two medals in Olympics 1) Silver and other is bronze stands 72 th country in table where as in Cricket BCCI is the most powerful Cricket control board and who dictate the terms to all countries even though they won two world cups.... This tells the story....
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