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    Is social media a right platform to raise voice against a social issue?

    Do you think that social media is the right place to raise your voice against a social issue? Can it match the roadside protests and other popular forms of disagreement? How effective is the social media and how reliable it is? Does hashtags ensure attention of the affected and the administration? Are these just gimmicks for garnering likes and comments? Have an opinion? Join this discussion and come out with your open views.

    In olden days, people do protests in roads and will raise their voice against an issue. But in this modern world, road side protests have been reduced and the people especially the youngsters are shouting their oppositions and support through hash tags in social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Be it a jallikattu issue, molestation issue or any other social issues, the people are using social media as a platform and are raising their voice through status, memes and hash tags.

    The modern way of protesting is trending an issue through hash tags in social media. If the entire world or a country speaks about an issue through some specified hash tags in social media then that topic will become a hot trending topic in the world and people from all parts of the world will definitely turn their eyes towards that issue.

    Instead of protesting in the roads and bringing out an issue to the outside world, the people are using social media as a platform and are raising their voice against a social issue.

    Is social media a right platform to raise voice against a social issue? Will the voice of the people in the social media against an issue reach the concerned people?

    Share your views on social media protests.
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    Raising voice in social media alone won't be enough but we can intensify it through social media. Protest against Jallikattu ban has been taken to next stage because of social media only. During the first week of Jan, more than 20,000 youngsters met in Chennai Marina without any support from political parties or any other organization. After that protest spread across to TN.

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    What I feel that social media has become the watch dog and focal point to raise any public issue through hash tags so that a varied discussion on the topic takes place and the thread will be on net and gets many responses. I have been watching many issues of politics, social, economical, filmy and even personal topics are being discussed in social media through hash tags. One thing is sure if the social media discuss the hot issues even the political parties and politician fear to do wrong things in public which has the attention of social media. Hence I give full support to social media issues.
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    Yes social media is the right platform to those who are really concerned about social awareness but some misuse it also , those things we daily come across newspapers, media etc. Those who are using for negative purpose must be punished so that others will learn a lesson.

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    Generally speaking social media is a very useful platform to raise those issues which the mainstream media chose to ignore. However, I sincerely feel that the security-related aspects must not be discussed in social media. Similarly, issued related to armed forces should not be brought before the social media. At the same time, a special fast-track committee must be formed in every force to redress the genuine grievances of the soldiers and jawans (ORs).
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Social media has indeed grown to such a level that it cannot be ignored. It has provided a platform to the users to express their opinion and to vent out their feelings. Governments across the world have started following the social media to know the pulse of the general public.

    But I personally feel that most of us use the media irresponsibly. Being our own domain with no one to regulate or question us, we feel free to say what we think and in doing so, most of the time, we tend to forget our social responsibility. Raising a social issue through the social media is fine but trying to create a hype over an issue and dragging an issue to unwarranted levels without thinking about the consequences is indeed a dangerous trend.

    Almost all social media users have started considering themselves as journalists and that is not a healthy trend. If used wisely and sensibly social media is no doubt an excellent platform but I doubt whether it has the same effect as that of other forms of protests like strikes etc.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Finally social media has united the youngsters of Tamil Nadu. Uniting hundreds and thousands of youngsters from different places and gathering for a protest in a public place for a social issue is not an easy thing. Currently, the youngsters of TN are utilizing the social media platform very well to raise their voice against jallikattu issue and to save the culture of Tamil Nadu. When no media was covering the issue, the youngsters are courageously covering their protests through social media profiles. From a common man's point of view, as per the current scenario in Tamil Nadu, social media is obviously a good platform to discuss a social issue.

    But the saddest part is, both the central and the state government are still silent and have not taken any steps so far to this jallikattu issue. Today in social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, jallikattu is the hottest trending topic, but the Government has not given any attention. Definitely the whole country is now aware of the protests that is happening in Tamil Nadu but addressing and solving the issue lies in the hands of the Government. Hashtags will remain unaddressed until the Government provides a solution for an issue, even if the protest happens on road side or in a social media.

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    Happy to see the youngsters gathering for Jallikattu to protect culture and identity of the state and importantly till now no violence is reported anywhere though it is going on for the past 3 days. Irrespective of gender, religion and caste everyone participated and amazing to see they didn't allow any political parties to be part of their protest.

    Hope TN will get few good future leaders from this protest.


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    We had the social media on fire when the Nirbhaya incident occurred, more or less was the activity when Anna and team were up against corruption and then there were so many issues that were brought up, sensationalized and discussed in social media across various sections of the society.

    A hashtag can no doubt connect you to a chain but other than the temporary voices that reverberate, what is the ultimate outcome? This is because most of the people who become part of a cause or an issue are not really serious about it and they just follow it or become a part just because the crux of the matter is of their interest too.

    We need to admit that being a democracy which has its pillars based on the Constitution, we have to be guided by the system. There is no point in fighting against an existing system. If what you want is a change in the system, voice your concern for the same instead of wasting time on issues that may be taken up by the public.

    Take this thread as an example. Here a general question as to whether social media is a right platform to raise voice and fight against social issues was asked; and suddenly you find members coming up with example of crowd in Marina Beach that has gathered through connections in social media against the ban of Jallikkattu in Tamil Nadu. This is where we go wrong. Bringing up the Jallikattu issue is not wrong as it is the latest in the list but are we discussing about a single issue?

    That is exactly my point. We tend to be irresponsible and get blinded by issues that are trending when we become part of the hashtag culture in social media. It is, as is said, becoming viral on the net is almost similar to being down with viral fever!

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I do agree with your point Mr.Saji Ganesh, people easily forget the issue and will switch over to other issue when they find anything sensible when compared to the current issue. But the point here is, even though people speak a lot about an issue in social media through hashtags, does the concerned people put their attention towards it? Do the Government listen to the hashtags and oppositions in social media and take actions to solve an issue?

    Obviously the answer is No, the people who gets frustrated about an issue and those who love to throw their oppositions against an issue just post their views in social media and are trending an issue just like that for maximum shares and views. Some people really work hard in social media to create awareness for a social issue among the social media users. But at the end of the day, the problem remains unsolved and no proper action is taken at the Government end. It is not necessary to mention the current jallikattu issue in Tamil Nadu, there are many such unaddressed issues exist in our society. To get a perfect solution for a problem, the social media protests alone will not be helpful. Road side protests always gain more attention when compared to social media protests. But as per the current trend, the government sometimes fails to look at both the social media and the road side protests. The key to lock and unlock a social issue lies in the hands of the Supreme Court, High court, state government and the central government. But this jallikattu issue has made one thing clear that the social media has the power to unite lot of people. So to solve and to get a perfect solution for an issue, the social media users must utilize the social media platform in a proper way and has to raise their voice until the Government listens to their issue.

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    Soundharya at #588652, I suggest a small correction. People forget an issue and switch over to another not when they find anything 'sensible' but when they find anything 'sensitive'!
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Mr. Saji Ganesh, social media users are very sensible persons. If they find any issue to be sensible then they will make it as a sensitive issue by trending it through hashtags in social media.

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    The issue has two aspects. First, we have to realise why social media has become so popular. This is simply because the main-stream media (MSM) do not bother to give voice to the aspersions and anger of educated middle-class of the country. MSM follow their own agenda. The recent rioting at Dhulagarh in West Bengal and ongoing issues of Bhangar in West Bengal and Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu are examples of apathetic attitude of the MSM and the bias against the sentiments of vast majority. The ongoing incidents at Bhangar in West Bengal clearly depicts how MSM is unduly sympathetic to the hooliguns of a particular community. This bias and selective silence of MSM have made social media a boon for educated middle class of the country.

    Having said this, I would also state that security-related issues must not be discussed in social media. Some incidents relating to corruption in logistic branch of BSF in border areas have been selectively taken up by MSM to demoralise armed forces of the country. At the same time, ISI of Pakistan are killing innocent people by causing derailment inside India.

    The Indian MSM have certainly not been working for the interest of the country and people, to put it mildly.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    MS Soundharya ,. i agree with your point ,Being said that i would like to ask you a question about your statement "internet people are so sensible " do you really believe that , well i don't cause i know people on social media who even though don't know the incident just blabbers the useless nonsense just to get likes and shares .As you mentioned it surely brings people together virtually but in reality the people don't give crap about issue ,and about jallikattu if you side with people protesting because they are protesting intensely you never watched the jallikattu in live if you see it you would not be supporting them ,.and if you support PETA then you don't know the cultural significance of jallikattu . Even though it is a good platform to address real issues ,it is used to promote rubbish these days its like using a bottle of mineral water to wash vegetables .In the olden days it is done at "santas"{weekend fair} to start a unverified rumor and wait it out for it to circle back to them but with a different version of story namely spied up and added details in the old days, it used to be a fun game as it is after verified as it is circled in a small group ,but social media is not like that it connect the world and it must not be taken lightly as it caused so many tragedies {} so one should be responsible of what they say and what they propagate unknowingly . AS i like to conclude i would remind you a saying "A STATEMENT AND A BULLET ARE SAME ,THERE IS NO TAKING BACK" In the end my point is it can be used to lit light in the house or to burn down the same . So one should be very careful as to what their action would result in weather it may be supporting a rumor or taking up a real issue to the eyes of the world

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    How the social media can be better use can be gauged from the present scenario at Marina Beach in Chennai where in the students, techies and even parents gathered in lakhs to support their cause to lift the ban on Jallikattu or the bull taming game which is the traditional customary ritual performed in every Pongal festival and all those visited there were invited through the social media message and now the situation has come that the central and state government are forced to take make some urgent ordnance to over ride the ban imposed by SC order. Such is the power of social media.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No doubt social media has emerged as a powerful platform to raise issues but at the same time there is a large population distributed countrywide who do not have access to this and they are still in the manual mode of protesting.
    Sudden outbreaks are still happening in the latter mode as the recent case of Tamilnadu .
    Social media is definitely able in connecting the educated and internet savvy persons in short time without a need of face to face meeting and that is one of the biggest strength it has got. In developed countries it has almost taken over the manual mode.
    Government has also very seriously started to take note of these online protests and able to judge the mood of public beforehand which of course gives a chance to Government for mid course correction.
    In our country this medium is still in developing stage and progressively going ahead for full control.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I won't say either it is right or wrong but it could be engaging while sharing it on social media. It increases awareness among people. It could be very helpful for those who can't raise their voice publicly but there are some disadvantage also like few people use these platforms to spread negativity. One need to be very careful before raising their voice or taking any action against any news read from here. I would only say that "Raise your voice against social issues on these platforms but make sure you are not spreading negativity." Be Careful!

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    Yes, social media is a good platform to raise voice for the social issues. Because social media is a place where the content easily get viral & people personally share it so it is easy to reach many people.

    The next advantage of using social media for social issues is that you can find every age group people on the social networking sites.

    But one important thing is that there is difference in saying & doing. people can say big things on these sites, but when it comes to reality, they don't put any step forward.


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