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    Have you ever bothered to know the benefits of having drinking water ?

    We normally have some drinking water either to quench thirst or to ease our throat which is stuck up with some food items. But we never ever bothered to know the benefits of having drinking water. If you have two glass of drinking water immediately after wake up, the internal organs would function effectively. Drink one glass of water before meals so that the digestion would be easy. Having one glass of water before taking shower will prevent the high blood pressure. And by having one glass of water before going to bed would prevent stroke and hear attack. Members can share their reactions.
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    Very correct we are not thinking about the drinking water and we have to come to this thought well when we see some people getting the water packets and washing faces on roads. Many people in many parts of the cities roaming here and there for water. I remember here one write up in facebook: An old man anxiously saying, 'my parents were seen the water in rivers and tanks, I have seen in wells, my son is seeing in bottle and my grand son seeing in packets but my worry is where my great grand son see the water'. Without commenting or criticising the Government, we should make ourselves to save water, plant trees for a good rain, should not waste water on any account,should not occupy the lake areas into houses, without allowing others to drain river sands etc.,

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    When we had enough drinking water, we never thought about its benefit. when we started facing problems to get sufficient drinking water, we started thinking about the benefit of it. It is not drinking water alone. We should have sufficient quantity of liquids. We may not be consuming drinking water direct but in the form of many cups of tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices and liquor daily.

    It is essential to have a glass/mug full of plain drinking water in the morning after getting up, before the meal, after the meal and before going to bed. Thus we can consume 8 glass/mug of water per day which is good to maintain our good health.

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    A very good thread by the author. Water is very much required for humans, animals and plants. I think without water anything live in earth. What the author mentioned is true, I had also read it. Some of the benefits which I know I wish to share.
    1)Drinking adequate water can help your body function better and relieves Fatigue
    2)The color of your urine is a good indicator of your level of hydration. The lighter the color the better level of hydration, for that we should drink lot of water.
    3)Headaches and migraines can be reduced by increasing the intake of water.
    4)Drinking water prior to meals can help suppress appetite and hence support your weight loss efforts.
    5)Water helps in kidney function, by drinking more water it helps to dilute the kidney stone.

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