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    Why many people do not listen properly when others say something

    I have seen many people do not listen when somebody says something or even while answering their questions. Some people raise questions but without hearing the reply they go on telling their version. They normally finish their argument with words like, 'I do not know or I do not want any explanation' etc. But if the situation goes on like this where can the correction take place?

    There is a Latin maxim that runs as 'Audi alter am part em' which means hear the other side. This maxim is highly used in law as only proper hearing can lead one to come to a correct conclusion.

    Many managers do like this and the position of the subordinates is highly awkward.

    But in one way it is good to see such people, if positively taken. We should not act accordingly and we should practice ourselves to hear the other side.
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    Only today I was watching a discussion on a Telugu channel about 8 persons having the wealth of total 58 percent wealth of entire world. The participants are going on telling their views and not hearing the moderator nor his questions and thus as a viewer I got irritated and stopped the program. What I mean to say here that some people who are well versed in bossing over others wont allow others to grab the limelight and they go on speaking and thus the time would elapse and the discussions remain inconclusive. I really hate such persons who wont give chance others to put forth their views.
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    A very valid question put forth by Mr Ramachandran. Listening to what others say is equally important as to what and how we speak. It is not a question of accepting what one has to say but is a question of acknowledging a different opinion. One should be patient enough to hear and analyze what another has to say and must also be ready to accept a variation of thought if one has to give a valid and logical explanation to whatever topic is being discussed or is being argued upon.
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    A good listener will be a best speaker. During a discussion, it is always better to be a patient listener to understand others, before we start speaking our points. If you don't interrupt others but listen, the other speaker will come down automatically and stop to take a long breathe.
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    There are different qualities of people.Some are good listenesr,some are good orators,some are good observers.
    When good orators start to speak ,good listener pay attention,while others are not.They have no patience to listen.
    When I visited Kutub Minar,I saw some foreigners ,watching each brick,I went near them and asked ,''Why are you studying bricks?They said ,"We are collecting information".These bricks have symbol of swastik and om.
    Then I realized,Although I was watching the monument ,I was not caring on this.I was not a good observer.

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    Communication requires four different kinds of skills namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. The former three skills are taught from schooling itself but most people are not trained for the fourth skill i.e listening. It is assumed by many that the skill of listening is developed automatically and one need not be taught. This perception automatically leads to poor listening skills as is evident in everyday dealings. Many people prepare their responses instead to listening to what the other person is saying.

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    This is a very peculiar trait in many persons. Looks funny but true. There are people who are very much occupied with their thoughts and always busy in thinking that if that person says something to me I will tell like this and so on. It is a psychological state of mind.
    In such cases when another person asks something to this type of person they answer something which was not expected and many cases it leads to surprise.
    The interesting thing about these persons is that many times they can not corroborate their answers with the questions. It is somewhat like as absent minded persons behave.
    Many times they will answer what they want to answer and not what one is asking.

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    Basically some people are either absent minded or always busy in their world - mental frame as it is called. They only show such strange behavior.
    There are examples quoted in psychological studies also that some people do not even respond to questions. It is only after repeated reminders from the person asking question that they almost come out of their dream or sleep ans start answering.
    These are more and less psychological disorders depending upon the heredity and childhood growth of a person.
    You will answer properly when you are mentally attentive to the question asked by a person otherwise there is no fruitful communication.
    We can only say it is a state of mind.

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    It creates misunderstanding between them. If you do not listen properly when others are saying something to you, it may lead to miscommunication and may be you would face bad relationship with that person. Listening properly is the first rule of the communication and one need to follow it for good relationship. Its bad to say that but nowadays people do not listen to understand they listen to answer and it spoils relations with others.

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    Listening an art. When somebody is telling to you something, if you are attentive and listening to them properly , the person will get more interested and give you more details. There is no rule that what ever somebody says is to be accepted. Hear to the person, think and take your own decision,

    In majority of the meetings in the organisations the boss will come with predetermined solution and he will not listen to anybody . He will boss over and implement whatever solution he thinks is correct.

    Even though we have some knowledge about the subject, it is better to hear to others also. They may come out with novel solutions which are much better. Hnce it is advisable to take the opinions of others and listen to them carefully. Some bosses think that if they accept the suggestions of their colleagues they may become more popular. That is why they never allow others to speak also.

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    Dr Srinivasa Rao, please do not pull up old threads. Read the guidelines for the needful.
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