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    Amitabh Bachhan ,an evergreen hero

    Amitabh Bachchan is an ever green hero,who has huge fans,who makes his films successful.his television programs successful and his ads also.All ,because he is the man of the earth,very humble,kindhearted and knows human psychology.Perhaps he will celebrate his 75 birthday ,he has achieved a lot and by God grace will achieve more in future.
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    Amitabh told Chiranjeevi is the King of Indian Cinema and also request Chiranjeevi to give a small role in the 150th film.... With the age of 61 Chiranjeevi is acting as a hero who is giving a great combat to the youngsters Now you tell me who is real megastar....
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    Undoubtedly Amitabh is a towering personality in the movie world and there is no comparison for him from any corner in this country. As the author has already said, he is most humble and dignified human being and it is his accommodating nature to praise his co-stars. He rose to the very heights of the Hindi film industry and fallen from there and got back from the dust and made everyone to learn how to rise from dust. He played the role of a hero and didn't hesitate to play the role of a supporting artiste and continuing his journey. While it seems there is much craze about their stars in the South where people worship their favourite heroes with patriotic fervor and Chiranjeevi, the hero from the South is also not an exception. Chiranjeevi, Rajanikant and Kamal Hassan - the trio who are equally good, have a popular mandate among the film lovers in India.

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    Amitabh is only acting for money that is why he is acting in supporting roles nobody will give him a hero role at this age and with that physic. I saw a movie name called Nishabdh in which he gave a liplock to 18 yr old girl and the story conveys it is good to have extramarital affairs... poor audience.... yet Jayabachan telling that ethics and morals.....
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Even at the age of 75 we could see a fit Amitabh who can still make some good acting leaving his age and looks to back seat. His way of dealing with crowd in public, his way of anchoring a program on television, and his way of emoting in films has earned him the great respect in public. But what I hate that he is coming for even lesser known product which does not suit to his stature. Once a person becomes a Icon and every wants to emote him, he should maintain some decency in selecting ads. When he appears for Boroplus, it really degrades him far below the actor.
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    No doubt, Mr. Amitabh was/is a great actor. But all for money. As a great actor, Amitabh should not choose to act in ads and make money. He had been playing his Hero role, but now it is time for him to play the role of a father, mama, chacha, grandfather and great grandfather and entertain the public. As he has earned a lot, he should adopt some villages and spend for its progress and development. Let Amitabh become Hero in his real life.
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    Yes Amitabh is a evergreen hero. he has a different way of acting. I like his acting because he is lefty and he fans by his own efforts of acting in comedy, and serious roles. Each and every role he has carried out so neatly that it looks like he is full involved in that character. About all his films I liked his acting in film Paa. I really didn't knew it was he. Later on by the media and I came to know and was really shocked to see his acting in film Paa.

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