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    You can't do wrong unless you do something.

    There was a quote on the internet, which in very few words made me sense its meaning. You can't do anything wrong if you don't do anything. There are people who trust themselves on their work and would humble learn from their mistakes and there are some who don't do anything but would criticize others for their failures under one evergreen remark" Didn't I say that?". I am glad that I am not being that guy latter to the fullest and everyone helps each other to do so. Contribute with your thoughts.
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    Very nice quote and every body has gone through that situation. If is as good as that " You cannot learn the life in good times and we learn many things during challenging times " For those who are habituated to success from their childhood, they cannot even think of negative happenings for a while. That means they cannot accept the failures. But the law of life says that if we are facing the success or good moment today, we must get ready for the sorrow time or bad event very shortly. God has been balancing our life with good and bad, success and failure, cake walk and challenges.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes,by that way only an experience is come to one. Unless otherwise we touch a fire we do not know or realize the fire will make wound in our hand. The other people's advise also like this as they experienced on that. They are giving such advise to us with only intention that we should not suffer like him. Our elders might have faced good and wrong through their doings and because of their such facing only they are giving advise. If we set aside them we should face the same similar to them and got experienced. There is a saying'pattaal theriyum' which means facing only when doing.

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