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    Are old movies or recent movies that is on Demand.

    As the generation has changed, the movies in all languages have also changed. But I like old movies and songs. They are evergreen because the dance and the action is according to the music and song or dialogue. But now, especially in songs, there is no synchronization between song and the dance. Even expression also is not according to the scene or shot. When I compare the old movies and the recent movies, I like to watch old movies many times than watching the recent movies only once or twice. In recent movies they use lot of computer graphics which loses the reality of the movie but in old movies those graphics are seldom used and they picturise in a natural way. That is why if old movies are released again, I am sure it will be houseful.
    I wish to know the views of ISC members; whether they feel that old movies are better or the recent movies with lot of computer graphics.
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    We cannot compare the old movies with that of new movies. Old movies had the good story line, a message oriented script, the dialogues where impressive and ever remembered . The actors were actually involve in the character and bring near to life acting. Above all the songs and lyrics match with our feelings and some times match with our life too. That kind of bonding or attachment not seen with the new movies or its stuff. Loud music, inconsequential locations, unnecessary spending on side artists on their dress and make up , more over for every shot one city or the foreign location is preferred. And the directors do not even care to maintain the same dress and as a result we see the hero and heroine wearing so many dresses in one song and that does go well with the audience. In old movies the shot is take then and there and more thrust given on the lyrics and background music.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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