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    Unable to enter my village details in 'My India'

    I was trying to add my village 'Bishar', Distt Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand (PIN Code 262501) in My India but was not permitted to do so. Kindly advise how to go about this.
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    Umesh, My India section is closed for all for the time being.
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    Umesh, Permission to get access for college and school sections has been recommended to Admin. You can wait for the response.

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    The village of Bishar has been added to our database. You can provide updates for it in the box provided at the very bottom of the page. That is, you can give information about important contact numbers and a descriptive text about the place , such as tourist attractions if any, educational institutes in the area, any special events that take place annually, public transport facilities, nearest railway station, etc. Any incorrect details that have been put in can also be mentioned in the update.
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    Village - Bishar
    This is my village in district Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. It is situated about 5 Km by foot from Pithoragarh market. Now motor road is also available and distance is 8-9 Km. The village is basically known for the dwelling place of upper class 'Bhatt' brahmins of Kumaon ( Uttarakhand consists of two major units based on culture and language - Kumaon and Garhwal). It is said that long back ( about 300 yrs) some pilgrims while returning from Mansarovar, Himalaya stayed here and took a decision to stay here permanently. The legend is these pilgrims were from Maharashtra.
    The village is situated in trough flanked by Shukauli hills on one side and Massou and Jhuring on the other.
    There is an old temple of Shiva on the sides of a stream and is a good picnic spot for the Pihoragarh people.
    The village is well known for its cultural activities etc.
    The youngsters in the village have formed a self help group who can volunteer their services for any function in the village reducing dependence on outside caterers or service providers.
    In olden times the main profession of the villagers was to conduct puja, katha etc in the surrounding areas. Now most of the persons have taken up jobs either locally or outside. Still there are people available for religious activities.
    Our ancestors were vert much profound in sanskrit and some of them have rewritten the big sanskrit books which are preserved in the village.

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    The update has to be added in the box 'Submit your comments' at the village page in the My India section and not in a response in this thread.
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    OK. Thanks.
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