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    What would you do if you had super power?

    Most of us have watched many movies based on super powers like Superman, Spiderman, Krish etc where these super heroes use their powers positively in saving the nation and helping people in need. There are also evil super heroes who are meant to destroy the world and take the world in their own hand. Last night I just had an imagination as to what a person would do if he had super powers. I just asked the same question to a kid near my home and the kid told me he would use his powers to complete his homework.
    I am just curious to know how would everyone use their powers, if they had one. Members may imagine on the same and share your thoughts.
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    I wish I had the Super Power to eliminate poverty in the world. Yes, though we are earning, we have all basic needs of life and we still feel we need more. There is no end for man's needs.

    Think of people those who don't even own shelter, food and clothes. Just image what will be the feelings of people who don't even have three times meals in a day and craving for food. That would be the worst situation of a man and we can imagine how painful it would be.

    So I would help all the people who are living in poverty. This will really satisfy me.

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    Well I fear that If I get super powers I may not be the same person. Selfishness and cunning attitude will take center stage and I may be even ruthless to others too. If you watch the behavioral pattern of any person, if he is given some long rope you would either miss use it or go bizarre. It is but natural in human being that through super powers they would like to subvert the progress of others , they may cause damage or undue sufferings to others would be created and above all there would be total chaos in the world and nothing would be in order. That is why God has balanced every one with what he want.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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