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    How good is our good God who created us !

    Just read this and understand the value of God.
    An old man of 80 years undergone a heart surgery. The operation was successful. After the operation, the doctor extended a bill for Rs. 10 lakh to him for settlement. But the old man cried and no one could console him. The doctor said," Don't worry old man, we shall reduce your bill amount. Please stop crying."

    The old man replied," Sorry Doctor, I am not worried about the bill amount. Even I can pay you more if you want." My only worry is - The God who safeguarded my heart for the last 80 years, did not charge me a single pie as a bill. Now I realize it and feel it. How great is our God! That has made me think and shed tears. You took only three hours to conduct an operation to save my heart. Who is great" The God who did not charge anything to have my heart in a fit state for 80 long years, or you the doctor who just spent few hours to have my heart in a fit state and charging Rs. 10 lakh?

    Oh! God is great. Nothing can equal the love and generosity of God showed to his creations, who expects nothing in kind or favour.
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    Wow what a nice thought provoking sharing from the author. The old man is right. God who created us never sought any return gift or favor from us. It is we who are consistently forgetting him during our happy hours and remembers him during challenging times. By the way God never need any thing from us. In fact we want to bribe the God by promising some donations or charity in his name. But God has many things which we even cannot dream about. One more thing we should not under estimate the God and ask for just small favors. Ask big and he would be glad to do that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    God is great and so his greatness.He asks nothing in return.When he pours love and blessings ,We achieve success in life.He bestows his love and generosity to whom,who follow him.We offer many offering to satisfy him,but he satisfies only devotions of ours.When he favors,we can do the deeds,which is unimaginable.
    The big temples ,churches and gurudwaras show his power.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    There has been a story heard about the greatness of the God. A man who walks on the road felt tired and lie down under a tree. He saw a creeper by his side where some big bumpkins and some small fruits in the tree above him. He talked himself,'How fool the God! a big tree holds small fruits but a thin creeper has big fruits.' By thinking this, he slightly slept. Suddenly he awake from his sleep as a 'small' fruit fell down on the forehead of him. By felt a small pain on the forehead, he again started thinking that,'Oh God! you are great! you know everything. If the big fruit given to the tree and fell down on my forehead, what will happen, you know everything'.
    Similarly we have to realize the God's creation and nurture by seeing how an ant is living without starving as there is no particular person to offer food for them. Even grass is fed with water by Him.
    But the pity in our human is nobody says thanks to the God for His creation and care on any occasion but telling that this has been done by me etc..,

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    Yes , God is Good in every way. Given us so much to live for and live with. With the modern science evolution, there are talks that we were not created. We are evolution from previous animal from stone age. If we are from evolution, why don't other animals evolve. Like this there are lot of questions. In a way this raises questions, was god good only to mankind. These are stories where its obvious to us that God stepped in and did something amazing, or something super kind, or just plain miraculous for the benefit of human beings.
    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    I would say both are good, the God and the doctor. God has created all. God has only appointed a man as a doctor to save lives. Doctors are doing tremendous work of saving one's life. We see God through the doctors. Doctors also invest money for operation. May be the profit is high compared to other businesses, but the work they do is equal to God.

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