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    Is it necessary to name a person by his religion?

    We mostly identify a person's religion by his name. Should we start giving names which do not indicate a religion? Nowadays there are lot of mixed religion marriages and such couple face lot of problems and specially their children will find it difficult because of the names. For example, telling someone your name of one religion and father's name of different religion like Amar Akbar or Arjun John. What can be done to avoid these things?
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    Unfortunately in India, when ever we fill any form to seek some favor or information from the government or departments, they seek our personal details and that includes our religion. And now a days along with son of information, the candidates are also requested to write mothers name. In Telangana the government has now made it mandatory that all the government schemes and sops would be given in the name of mother and now it has become compulsory for the beneficiaries to mention both father and the mother name. So it is for the central government to think on this issue and make amends.
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    Names are very beautiful. It is one of the very few things that separate humans from animals.
    A person's name is given about what his parents aspire about him. His surname is inherited from his father. But people have different languages to communicate.
    The "religious" names aren't actually showing any religion at all.
    "Aditya" means - God who was born first/ sun. So is it a Hindu name? I don't think so. It's a Sanskrit word.
    "Khorshid" . Sounds like a Muslim name right? But it means Sun in Persian.
    So what am I ? Hindu or Muslim? It's just me described in two different languages.
    Names don't showcase religion but the native language of the person.
    So I don't think we need to stop any kind of naming procedures. So what is a person has a name "Arjun John"? We already understand he's half Hindu and half Christian right.
    Religion, names and Gods; were all made by humans. They don't exist in Nature.

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    Why should anything be done to "avoid" it? Each individual should be proud of his/her identity, irrespective of the inter-religious marriage of the parents and be happy to say so if anybody does ask about an unusual name. Why bother about what others think? In any case, now a days with most people having open minds, if anybody does ask about an unusual combination of a name, it will likely be only out of mere curiosity. In the case of a young child who is teased, I think parents can take steps to explain to the child how to deal with it.

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    Names are to identify peoples and they do tell much about a person especially in matters of relegion. But it is not necessary and mandatory to name according to relegion there are many names which are common in many relegiond like
    Sahil ( hindus as well as muslim), kuldeep( sikhs as well as hindus) many people might misunderstand relegion of these peoples it is because we think that way.
    We try to identify a person's religion and other things about him by just knowing his name so its nothing to do with the way we name someone but with the way we see that persons name and our trying to preasume more things about that person by just name.

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    Thanks K Mohan and Neelam. I found beneficial replies only from you. My intentions are not to get opinion about what names we have already given to people. As per environment of parent's religion we give names of kids or future generation. Now being kid , He/She don't realize why this name given to us. But in teenage it gives sense of name and why is it kept. Though there are educated and extrovert couples who keep names like way Neelam has said but sometimes or most of times it is decided by father's religion. What things can be done by society to improve this assumption. Apart from keeping common name from both religion is there other ways too?
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