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    Three important tourist spots near Pachmarhi

    Pachmarhi is the only hill-station of Madhya Pradesh. This hill station in Satpura range has many tourist spots. When I visited Pachmarhi for the first time in 2005, I could not cover all of these spots due to paucity of time and lack of knowledge. However, later I again went there and enjoyed almost all the spots. In this thread, I am mentioning three such spots.

    (I) Dhupgarh: Dhupgarh is the most attractive tourist spot of Pachmarhi. It is the highest peak of Satpura range. In fact, it is the highest peak in entire Madhya Pradesh. The tourists can get an excellent view of entire Pachmarhi from Dhupgarh. The sunset from this spot is beyond description.
    (II) Chauragarh: Chauragarh temple is situated on the top of the hill. This shrine is accessible only by foot. The tourists have to trek 3.5 kilometer. The last part of the journey is difficult. There is a temple of Lord Shiva on the top of the hill. Numerous 'trishools' (tridents) are erected around the temple. From the hill, the sight of Satpura forest is excellent.
    (III) Bee fall: There are many waterfalls all around Pachmarhi. Out of these waterfalls, Bee fall is probably the most popular. The fall gives picuresque view of the surrounding areas. The fall is the source of drinking water for the people of Pachmarhi.

    There are many interesting tourist spots in and around Pachmarhi. The tourists must come with adequate time to cover all the tourist spots around Pachmarhi and also the Satpura National Park.
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    After reading this post my imaginations went live as if I was present at the Dhupgarh tourist spot, Chauragarh Shiva temple after having tedious trekking, and at last enjoyed the sight of Bee fall which seems to be unique and awesome to the eyes. What I suggest that such visits must have been more memorable and the first hand experience of the author would make a great article on this subject. Moreover hardly few months are there for the summer vacation, and if the author plans a detailed article on all the above three places, it would be benefiting to the net users and tourist to visit this place this summer.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: Thanks for appreciative comments. There are around 15 tourist spots in and around Pachmarhi, out of which I have mentioned only three. Besides, some tourists visit Satpura forest from Pachmarhi, about which I have mentioned in a separate thread.
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    I visited Panchmari 2 years back. It was so beautiful that I captured about 200+ photos of that tourist spot. There were many waterfalls in Panchmarhi. As mentioned by author, Dhupgarh, Chauragarh and Bee-fall are the places nearby Panchmarhi. Among these, I visited Bee-fall and it was awesome experience there. Dhupgarh was too far from our lodge, so we decided to explore it later on. A tourist told me that it will took around 5 hours to reach there on foot and the same amount of time to return. There is no mode of transportation to reach there as it is situated on the top of a hill. In my next visit, I hope these two left points will be visited by me.
    This image is clicked by me from 'Pandav Caves'.

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    The author's posting with the picture of Mr.Ravi tends me to proceed to the place. Here I wish to appreciate the author's bring out as many people do not know the greatness of such places. Similarly Mohan sir told in one posting about the inscriptions of letters similar to OM in the bricks of Kutub Minar is also a news to me though I have visited the place many times. Many places in our country has many wonders like this and it can be made known to all only if such postings of natives.

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