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    When should parents think about getting their children married?

    In some parts of India, we still see parents get their children married at a very early age even before they turn 18. And some other parents wait till their daughter turns 18 and gets her married to finish their responsibility. Though early marriage is reduced a lot now, we still see it. most people think 23-25 is the ideal age for girls for marriage and nothing as such sort is considered for guys.
    Most parents don't consider the maturity level of their daughter, her way of handling responsibilities and managing things and other such factors. All they are concerned is just the age of the girl to get her married and they believe gradually a girl will learn everything. But both girl and guy should be able to manage things for successful marriage.
    My question is, is the age factor alone necessary for deciding about marriage? I feel just that is not enough. Just considering the age will be difficult to handle things. Both girl and the boy should be responsible enough and should be able to handle stress to avoid arguments.
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    Parents are always worried about the marriage part of their children whether boy or the girl. Now a days getting a right alliance at the right time has become a challenging task. That is the reason being so when the boy is about to complete Engineering or his MBA or the girl completing her Degree studies, the parents try to have alliances of best groom or bride and the picking the right candidate also take some time. So if all ends well and the match could find the right choice, then the ideal marriage for the boy is 23 or 24 years and the girl about 22 or 23 years. But children have their own choices to study and they postpone the marriage in many cases. Only yesterday I came across a girl who kept on postponing the marriage and now she crossed 35 years and who will marry her. Her parents are literally begging for a alliance to their only daughter and they are really upset about postponing tendency of the girl.
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