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    Strict punishment is indispensable for such crimes

    Today the crimes are increasing in our country at an alarming rate. But the punishments are less and sometimes the criminals are escaping from even small penalty. In such a case the crimes never get decreased. Almost in all states of our country the crimes are increasing.

    Especially the crimes based on the rape etc., should be viewed seriously and there should not be any consideration or relaxation or concession in giving punishment. Recently a gang rape of six year old child happened in Northern part of our country. It is very shame thing even to think but how the judges hearing the case do not punishing severely.

    Similarly outskirt of Chennai, a Man of 42 years old raped his own daughter and based on the complaint of her relative the man sent to jail. But this is not mere one to such crime and the punishment should be hanging punishment without mercy so that another person will hesitate to think about rape.

    There was a child marriages protection act during 1929 by British government. Later there was many crimes against women like killing the female babies immediately on birth, many rape cases,, girls abused by shopowners(pondichery), giving trouble to womengirls(recently in Bangalore) etc.,
    By seeing all such things I am surprising how the Government in spite of having lady Ministers kept quite or without noticing.

    The Government should alter the concerned Act accordingly to hang such persons without mercy.
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    The contents mentioned by the author is very disturbing and as a father of a girl child I am always worried about her safety and take every care to leave her at college and bring back from college no matter I will postpone my urgent work or commitment. I am fully agreeing with the author that those who commit the serious crime of rape, the courts must decide the punishment immediately and that should be death penalty. The courts are taking undue delay for the want of proof and the rape victim family has to make rounds to the court often. Fast track courts only for these cases must be there and the judgement should be fast.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The girls are living in an insecured society. Everyday we hear a new incident of girls being harassed. Recently on the eve of the New Year, a girl was harassed and molested in Bangalore.

    In a great country like India where we even respect our motherland, there is no security for women. We are to be ashamed of this. I feel that the Governament is less concerned about these cases and not punishing the culprits.

    Inspite of having the laws like Nirbhya Act, these instances are being reapeated and there are women losing their lives. The Governament is failing to provide adequate security to women.

    In many other countries, the culprits are sentenced to death within few days after they are caught. Why can't they follow this kind of punihments to the rapists in India?

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