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    The importance of love in Sanskrit slokas!

    If we come across two Sanskrit slokas 'Kama thuranam na bhayam na lajja' and 'Na Kamihi na Moksha gnanihi' In Telugu we call it as 'kami kani vadu moksha gnani kadu' where Kama not only refers physical sex with opposite gender it also refers love and these slokas will be used for as our convenience and in different contexts.The first line of the sloka when you are in love you don't fear and you don't feel shy' the next line is if you don't fall in love you will never reach your desired freedom or liberation(moksha). Now, what my question the saints who wear saffron dress will have no marriage or no love.Do they don't have moksha?Knowledge members, please respond to the question.
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    What I strongly feel that the real saints are those who have gone through the ordeals of family, bonding, children , passion and above all hardness. If you take the history of our important saints, they have either lived with their wife or shunned the family during their last leg of life and gone away to the forest for penance and moksha. So I am also of the opinion that without going through the process of life , a saint cannot claim that he has understood the essence of life and cannot give sermons to others. And those who are following the path of saints sans above are beating around the bush.
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    Kama in sanskrit means generally wish. In Sundarakandam, many places Anjaneya was described as kaamaroopini which means He can take his any type of forms himself as he wish. In Tamil there is a saying as thunintha pin thukkam edhukku which means once you have decided then why should you worry about it. Like that your first sloka once you start love no hesitation that means once you interested on something you should try for that without hesitation (here everything mentioned with good thoughts and no secondary meaning here)
    Next, wearing saffron dress is not for leaving everything but is just for identity that they are away from the normal activities. Mere wearing the saffron dress cannot do anything as real separation in mind that too many spiritual writings stressed that the spiritual life should be as the water in the lotus leaf that is the living with the world but without attachment is stressed much here. One story here: A saint (Guru) walked along with his two disciples to one place from other. On their way, they were in a situation to cross a small river and on that they found a lady was struggling for life in the water. Immediately the Guru went towards her and lifted to the other bank and made her to got breath and started moving on his way without saying anything. The disciples were discussing about this action of Guru,that is teaching about detachment and doing himself by lifting a women,in husky voice. After going to some distance the Guru asked them about their silence. They with hesitation told about this incident. With smile Guru told them, 'Children, I leave my thoughts about the lady immediately after I left her on the ground but you both lifted the lady in your mind till this distance. This is the thing I used to teach, that is to keep the mind free from any polluted thoughts'.
    I just today morning saw an old tamil film, in that one lady artist told the Hero that 'the marriage in today youngster's mind is only first night but the real meaning of marriage is beyond that'. Like this the society makes our mind as polluted that love means only the attachment between the opposite genders whereas the real meaning is different.

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    I already mentioned in my thread...
    In Telugu, we call it as 'kami kani vadu moksha gnani kadu' where The Kama not only refers physical sex with opposite gender it also refers love and these slokas will be used for as our convenience and in different contexts

    In Sanskrit Kama have several meanings Love, desire, wish and sex...

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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