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    The meaning of Veda!

    We know in our Hindu culture and Tradition Vedas play a pivotal role We knew there are four Vedas namely Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda, and Atharva-Veda but first of all, we know what is the meaning of Veda in English.Veda means knowing or knowledge.There is sloka in Sanskrit 'Yeyam veda yopa aiyathanam bhavati' 'Yeyam Veda' means I am knowing. If you have any other views regarding this Please share your views here...
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    The Hindu culture revolves around Veda which are nothing but ideals, preaching and testimony of what has happened in the past in support of Hindu religion as a whole. The saints, and rishis used to follow the rules in Vedas in toto and there cannot be any deviation. Why Asuras have been killed by the Lord Vishnu by taking different avatars , because the demons or the Rakshas or the asuras used to make such penance and seek such blessings, which would destroy the tribe of devlok and thus God has to make his entry and tame the asuras who sought many things against the Veda.
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    The Vedas were compendium of knowledge on various matters . Most of them are now not available. What are now available are just a fraction of what was believed to existed many hundreds of years and even thousands of years.
    The main problem in trying to give meaning and explanation to many of them is that the language and usage has changed much and we cannot gather the full content of what is given in the Vedic booked with our present knowledge.

    Still, with whatever notes and explanations we have now from the various writings of available literature itself, Vedas are treasure house of knowledge needed for mankind and may surpass the attest knowledge we have on many things. Many may not able to digest that our ancestors had such wonderful knowledge , we don't have now even with our latest gadgets and equipment.

    There should be earnest efforts to conserve them and teach them from basic childhood itself and enhance by higher learnings continuously.

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