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    What is PETA? Who is PETA? How is PETA? Why is PETA and where is PETA?

    Dear Members,
    PETA is a thing which created problem for the ancient bull taming game in Tamilnadu. Bulls were/are still used to plough/till the land; to pull the carts; and forvarious agriculture. Bull is a hard working strong animal. Bull is treated as a farmer's family member and is being fed well and treated well. No family will allow their bull to be touched or troubled or harmed for any reason. There is no question of torture to the bullls. While it is so, then What is PETA? Who is PETA? How is PETA? Why is PETA and Where is PETA?

    Should the bull only work for us. Can't the bull be allowed to enjoy life and entertain themselves through games? Is it wrong? What is wrong with PETA? Discuss please.
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    The importance of bull and its relevance in our daily life especially the farm community and celebration of bull during the Pongal festivities has been the age old custom tradition. Having seen Bulls getting tame and the bulls getting injured, the so called PETA organization seems to have taken the cause and fought for the rights of bull. But in the melee they have forgotten that this bull is worshipped and is the source of game during Kanu Pongal or mattu pongal in Tamil Nadu. Now the new ordnance which facilitates to celebrate the Jallikattu every year without ban or interference from others is the slap on the face of PETA and this is one more lesson to out side organizations and elements that they should not play with the sentiments of Hindus or their culture. Good that student community has taken up this cause the they won it with great pride to every Tamilian of this universe. Long live students unity.
    K Mohan
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    Just I am quoting the news item from TOI - "Following in the footsteps of the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, now the Karnataka government is putting pressure on the Centre to revoke its ban on the traditional kambala (buffalo race).
    Chief minister Siddaramaiah on Monday said the state government was in favour of kambala, and sought the Centre's support just as it has supported jallikattu in Tamil Nadu."

    I don't know whether it is boon or bane for our traditional glory or culture but Tamil younger lot has become path finders for making protests in a peaceful way. It is high time for the authoritarians of the PETA to have a fresh look of their ideology.


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    All the NGOs should be audited every year by government and should punish wrong ones. PETA India claims that they are separate entity and no relationship with PETA USA. Then why American has been appointed as CEO for PETA India? Most of PETA members are looks like celebrities and big shots. Can common man become member of it?

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    The work done by PETA is really appreciable and we cannot take away the credit from them for their support to helpless animals. Their is no harm in helping the animal as long as you are not messing with religious or traditional ideology in our country. The judgment came from Supreme court and not from PETA so lets not go after PETA. The Jallikattu or any traditional or religious ideology should not be seen with the same view in which human involved as its disputable issue and there can't be any unanimous agreement on the subject. I personally feel although many traditions changed in the past, still the voice of change should come from the inner circle of the follower of that tradition and not from PETA or any other body and forcefully barring is a strict no.
    Farid Akhtar
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    @Farid Akhtar, the same goes to drinking milk, eating meat, using leather.
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    There are many cruelties to the bulls. Using it for ploughing the land; tilling the land;, Tying a rope around the neck of the bull and dragging it; nailing the bull's feet (In Tamil 'Laadam') like we nail our boots. Slaughtering of bulls for its meat; Victimising a bull as an offering to the deity; What all nonsenses take place which is not covered under torture of the bulls! Why only the Jallikattu or Rekla race which is not at all harmful to the animal has been said to be ill-treatment or torture to the bull? The animal lovers and the judges of the courts should clearly understand this issue.
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    PETA cannot take the sole credit of safe guarding the interest of animals. There are many Hindu organization which are maintaining animal asharams and animal clinics and to treat the animals for free and only thing that they wont advertise like PETA.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    PETA and other animal welfare organizations are over-reacting to Jallikattu to get a publicity for them. At the end of the day these are organization require publicity and support and funding. It is best opportunity for them to get more attention. Some peoiple also say that by banning the sports like Jallikattu which is basically a practice to strengthen the bulls and bullocks, PETA can create a demand for cattle rearing. Then, they will introduce their breed varieties. To rear them, people have to depend upon them for all products and procedures.

    It is now high time to kick out PETA and similar organisatins from our country. We may ask them to go to Spain and resist bullfighting.

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    I think my Tamil friends are little anxious and very quick to jump on to a conclusion. I am totally neutral on the subject and my response was totally balanced. I am neither in favor of banning PETA nor Jallikattu. There is certainly a middle way out which most of my friends missing. PETA went through our legal system and then let it banned Jallikattu. They didn't enforce it politically or by using any other kinds of power. Taking milk from an animal cannot be called a cruelty or even eating its flesh for food but when an animal or some human being died in the name of tradition without any very basic reason then that raises a question.
    Farid Akhtar
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    Why PETA is not aggressive to ban bull riding rodeos in USA?

    Many people in India have thought like whatever do by western people are correct and the culture / tradition which followed by our ancestors are wrong. But it is not always correct in both sides. Kill and eat an animal is not cruel but play with them is cruel. It looks very strange and human being are died in various accidents (Road, Rail and Air) also. If some wrong thing happens means we have to regulate it and should not ban it.


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    Dear Suresh Kumar, you are more follower of them as sounded by your words. You are saying like if PETA can ban bull riding there, then its okay otherwise its not. Now what kind of point of view that is-it looks more inclined follower than anything. If a person dies in the name of a sport then definitely it need to be reviewed. Once in a blue moon if it happened then it was all right but if every year its happening then what you can do about it. This year also 2 people already died. This can be tradition but it doesn't mean it cannot be reviewed.
    Farid Akhtar
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    Farid, I am not saying PETA should ban bull riding in USA and I don't mind about it also. My question is why they are targeting India and not USA, Spain. Search yourself and get to know the reason.

    If person dies means we can regulate the sport and should not ban it. Definitely person will die if Boxing, Cricket, Football, etc don't have strict rules. Many people loss their life during travelling, so can we ban transportation? We are amendment rules regularly to reduce the loss instead of ban it. Lots of Corporate hands are available behind Jallikattu ban in the name of cruel. 32 high profile lawyers are appeared in SC for each hearing and their fees would crores and crores for each hearing. How PETA get this fund? Jallikattu and cock fight was conducted in AP even after ban. Till now PETA didn't open their mouth and why they target only TN? Please refer thread Jallikattu for a mystic scientific reason!

    Jallikattu is an integral part of culture and tradition of TN and more than 3000 years old. It is an identity of Tamils. Constitution and Laws are to protect the people and their identity, rights and not vice versa.


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    Mr. Farid Akhtar (#589109): Many people die in road accidents. So, we must ban using the roads. Many people die due to rail accident. So we must ban railway track and trains. Same is applicable for air travel. Many people die of electric shock. Electricity must be banned. Similarly, people die during bull-fight. Why not bull-fighting be banned?
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    Partha Road travel, Rail travel , air travel and electricity is a necessity. I am sad to see you are putting them in the same category of Jallikattu. Congrats you win the argument and debate. After this there is no point in discussing I don't know why lawyer's didn't put forward this kind of argument in honorable courts.
    Farid Akhtar
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    Mr. Farid Aktar: Jallikattu is an entertainment and also a scientific way to strengthen the gene pools of bulls. Entertainment and stregthening gene pools of bulls are very necessary. So Jallikattu must continue.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Partha is correct with his reasons. Why Jallikattu should be banned for the fear of losing men or getting injured. Do we stop taking passage in Aircraft, train, bus, car, bike, ship etc for the fear of accidents? Don't we have WWF, Boxing and wrestling where the player get killed or injured? Jallikattu is also one such game for joy and entertainment. Moreover, in the past, it was a game to select a brave and mighty bridegroom for their daughter.
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    Let me join the conversation for a minute and make this controversial point which I am wondering at this moment. How come Jalikattu becomes against Animals while their killing for food and medicines is still legal in the same set of Constitution?

    I don't want to give my vote on whether Jalikattu should be continued or not. But, I do have this concern whether or not it is Hypocrisy to ban Jalikattu saying it is injurious while still continuing to buy and sell animal meat?

    There are many things in our surrounding that are injurious but are still legal and available, such as cigarettes, tobacco and in a way, sports that include extreme fighting. If for some reason, only one sport get targeted and banned while others still continue, I think this is mere Hypocrisy.

    We should not also deny that nobody is forcing anybody to take part in that game. (Am I wrong?) Apart from blindly seeing to it and reciting the poem that's already in trend, I think we should consider valid points about it and why not other things but just Jalikattu should be banned.

    If you ban it, please ban Eid where animal sacrifices are given. Ban these forms of sacrifices in whatever religion or tradition they exist. Now, all of a sudden, an opposer might find it objectionable and may even find it hard to relate it with the topic of Jalikattu.

    Ank Arya

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    Peta India is a separate entity and works for animals in India. Peta USA deals with animal cruelty issues in USA including that of Rodeos.:

    Using animals for productive purposes which are mutually beneficial is what PETA supports. Jalikattu is a sport and though it might serve the purpose of encouraging farmers to raise healthy cattle but it is reminiscent of slave fights in Ancient Rome. The bulls have not consented to play the sport and to push them to behave in the aggressive way the bulls have to be given pain or put under intoxication.
    PETA pushes for a vegetarian life and it is very immature to ignore their work for animal welfare. This "New Nationalism" in India is making people protest against anything that has even a little inkling to a country outside India. Organisations like Greenpeace and PETA do invaluable work in all countries they are active in. One might not agree with everything they do but they deserve the respect for the peaceful and legal methods they use to achieve their cause.

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    What are you talking about? Will a bull come and say 'Yes, I am ready for Jallikattu'. You are wrong to say 'The bulls have not consented to play the sport and to push them to behave in the aggressive way the bulls have to be given pain or put under intoxication". The bulls have its own might and strength to face the fight. Jallikattu is not today's game. It is many centuries old game. I think you haven't experienced the life with a single bull. It is a strength testing game of a youth with a bull. It is a game to prove the might and strength of a youth. You haven't read the history of Jallikattu, and you are not updated with the Jallikattu of the South. PETA is blind with Jallikattu.

    Try to buy a Kankeyam bull and be with it for few days to understand what is a bull and how is a bull.

    No life without Sun

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    Exactly my point Sun, a bull can't say that it wants to fight and therefore it is inhumane to make it fight no matter how strong the bull is. The keyword here is "consent". I have no issues with human fighting sports since it involves two or more consenting adults.
    There are many centuries old traditions which have come and gone and rightly so. One example is Sati. Just because some tradition is old is no reason to keep it going. If there is anything wrong with the tradition it should be opposed tooth and nail, doesn't matter who takes offence and how many.
    If Tamilians youth want to test their strength there are many other ways to do that. Boxing, wrestling, mountain climbing, marathons etc. Why torture a dumb animal for your pride.

    And finally, stop making blind assumptions and statements - you are right or you are wrong, you don't know this or you don't know that. Bring facts, bring figures, discuss with logic and then debate. I don't give a damn care what the story behind Jallikattu is, it doesn't take a research to see that an animal is being tortured for someone else's entertainment and therefore it needs to be stopped.

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    Mr. Suresh and sai Tanishq's thread Jallikattu for a mystic scientific reason!, gives good information and idea about the tradition of Jallikattu. There is a quote that If you want to enslave a country destroy/finish her culture. PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) is doing that work by being the agent of foreign country. So we should be very careful and should kickout the foreing NGOs.
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    Do not compare Sati with Jallikattu. Sati is a suicidal act that takes away life of someone's wife. Sati was not an entertainment but cruelty to women. It had a valid reason to ban. Moreover, Sati was not practiced in Tamilnadu. Jallikattu is an entertainment for both human and animals. Animals too love to play sports. Animals too can laugh and cry and show emotions. It is not animal torture but taming the animal.

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    From the responses I am having an uncanny feeling that many so-called liberals are not at all aware about Jallikattu! It is being compared with Sati system!
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    Looks like the so-called intellectuals are not able to use their intellect to see that the comparison is just for the purpose of showing that old traditions are not always correct and should be ditched as soon as possible.
    Using a little intellect, these intellectuals might understand that the point being made was that during those years this same practice was seen as morally and culturally right whereas now they are able to understand that it was not.
    Once the so-called culture guardians start opening their eyes and allow a little bit of actual intellect to seep in their mind, only then they would be able to understand an opposing viewpoint.

    I guess I might be crossing line of ISC rules and regulations here regarding name calling but this cult of ISC needs to be opposed before it pollutes everything here. I would accept any action taken on this response. Also, would suggest fellow members to discuss with courtesy and avoid name calling unless being provoked.

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    So-called liberals ('lebu/libu' in short) always talk about changing/modifying the Hindu tradition. They don't have SPINE to discuss the relevance of various practices of other religions. We must not take the spine-less lebus/libus seriously.

    Personally speaking, I shudder to imagine myself as an intellectual. I am very happy and satisfied to remain a 'mango-man' and question the selective wisdom of liberals, intellectuals and seculars.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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