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    How to get back motivation to write when you feel lethargic?

    From yesterday onwards I am feeling very lethargic. After submitting a story in 'Creative Writing' sub-section, I am not getting inner urge to write something. I am feeling exhausted, sleepy. Various discussions going on in Forum section are not forcing me to write something. I am not feeling interested to write answers in 'Ask Experts' section. I have been posting 'Information Updates' at least once in a week. Although an update is ready in respect of a District, I am not getting an urge to post it. I had been planning to write about various tourist spots of North-East which I visited, but now I have lost interest.

    What should I do to bring back my interest in writing? Kindly advise.
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    Don't worry. Involve in some other matters. This stage will pass on. Then you wil comeback with renewed vigour.

    Monotony and lethargy happens to mostly all.

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    It seems you are putting your mind to various use. If we give lots of pressure to mind, it wont work the way we want and thus lethargic attitude sets in. This kind of innings happen to all and to me too. When the things in the life are not going as per our schedule or something which happening against our wish either at home or office, we get disturbed for such reasons and that will have lasting effect on our work. What I do that when I sit for the ISC, I shall forget my office or other work for a while and totally involve here. Likewise when I am at the office work, my mind wont go anywhere else.
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    Lethargy happens when you are not trying to change the routine. Sometimes you have to break free from the routine in order to stay fresh. If you focus too much on the routine, you are likely to have issues with lethargy and other mental baggage.

    I suggest try mindfulness and meditation. Also try to do something creative. Or even go out and meet people, be it young and old. And try to do things out of your comfort zone. The day you do this, things are going to improve for you.

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    Some very good suggestions from three esteemed Members of this site. So far as Mr. Mahesh's suggestions are concerned, I would like to state that I don't meditate and I am too introvert to meet people or interact with them. As far as my creativity is concerned, my wife opines that I am the most boring person in this earth without an iota of creativity.
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    Every wife think same about their husband or at least says same to their Husband!

    I don't know why you are feeling so but you writes really good, you have become really a important part of forum. When you do not contribute, an empty space is felt on forum platform. You always have ample experience, ideas and also special liners to make people smile. And that a liner you share sound genuine and from regular life. That's what you have special.

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    Yes, it is true that one sometimes feels a little down and just don't feel like putting in any contribution at all. I have had this experience once in a while myself! One can't exactly pinpoint the cause though. It may not be physical tiredness, but just a mental one, where one does not want to apply one's mind to the task. However, those who have this very close bond with ISC know that it is pretty impossible to stay away for too long a time. Such people feel, too, the absence of somebody who hasn't contributed for a while.

    When I get in the mood you mention, I simply call up a friend or a relative I am close to and have a nice, long chat. I also find it perks me up immensely to have a fun chat via Google hangout or via email with those whom I cannot connect with on the phone (don' want an expensive phone bill!). It loosens up the little grey cells quite a bit to just talk about general, inane things & not the serious stuff. So, go....get in touch with a friend!

    Another thing I do is to read my own articles, to astonish myself that I actually put those black & white words, not because I'm a narcissist, but just feeling pleased that I posted something nice, even if nobody has read it! It sort of spurs me on to pen something more.

    Spurring me on, too, are little goals which I set myself. I mentally decide that I will post an x number of articles in the month & try very hard to reach it. If I fail, no problem - just go for it again! So you could set yourself goals too. Your scoreboard as of writing this response shows 69 articles. So let's see you posting that 100th article by April end - not too hard a goal, is it? You can similarly aim for the 700th Ask Expert response, the 1000th forum thread, the 5000th forum response......and so on....set a date for these goals and go for it. You'll find the lethargy slipping away, the adrenaline kicking in - go, Partha, go!

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