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    That continuously flickering lamp gave her a lifelong lesson

    (my word is –halt by Partha and its synonym I have chosen is stopped)
    Stopped and frozen was what her life had became since her father's death she is just 23 years old and she has no aim and no direction to follow. There was no one else in the family other then her paralyzed father and now she is all alone now it seems like she has no reason to live for. After her mother's death when she just passed her school her whole life revolved around her father and caring for him.
    She is clerk in a government high school which she joined for her livelihood and fill a private B.A form in college, till this time she has motive to shift her father in a better hospital and provide him with better medical facilities and was trying to get higher education so that she could get more better job. But now she has no aims for her life her life is shattered she is crying all alone in the corner of that hospital bed in front of her father's body.
    She took the body home and sit near the body she lighted the lamp as there was no lights. She thought may be electric department cut down the electricity because of due bills.
    She sat near the lamp and the corpse, everything around seemed so lifeless except that lamp which was continuously flickering. She was numb her head was aching because of continuous crying She was staring the lamp's flickering which for a moment got dimmed and again lighted up and that happened in continuous manner.
    She thought how similar is the story of lamp and her's is both are burning but have no purpose at all. But she thought why this lamp is still trying to survive against all the wind ?
    why didn't it choose to just stop flickering? That would be easy better than flickering.
    She was confused and decided that let it be, if this lamp survive these winds and continue to glow I will live otherwise I too will end this purpose life and continued staring the lamp. But what she saw was that lamp was glowing and flickering also.She felt asleep with all these thoughts in her mind and when she awake she saw lamp was glowing even though it was its end but it was glowing with all its brightness. In the morning she realized that life of lamp is not purpose less it did have a purpose it gave me hope and light in the darkness it means my life is not purposeless. I also need to bring hopes and brightness in life of others who have darkness around them. So she made promise to herself after all the rituals and cremation of her father she will dedicate her whole life for orphan children who have no one to take care of so she will try to bring happiness in their life with a little which she earns.

    competition entry for

    Me, a lamp......Part 3 - write a creative story, win cash awards!

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    A very good story from Ms. Neelam Joshi where a young girl got motivated to lead a purposeful life from the flickering of a lamp. I am deeply touched! Carry on, Ms. Joshi.

    (Why didn't you take part in the first two parts of the competition?)

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    How nicely the author has narrated a touching story taking a cue from the flickering lamp and that made a interesting reading too . The author has taken the right subject.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A touching story,which make us to understand the meaning of flickering lamp.
    The lamp which is flickering in our heart has got oil from someone .
    By getting the lessons from them we make the lamp in our heart flicker.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Thank you partha sir, Mohan sir and Indu for your appriciating words. Your words always motivate and help me to try to write something better.
    In answer yo partha sir's question
    I couldn't participate in earlier compettiton as I was busy with my exam preparation and missed those wonderful contests.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Though I was not impressed by the starting, stubbornly( like the lamp) I read on. Then, I liked the conclusion on a positive note . The lines " is not purposeless. I also need to bring hopes and brightness in life of others who have darkness around them" give value to the piece. I appreciate.

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