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    Where do I post the details of a Scholarship?

    I would like to post the details of a Scholarship that would be useful. I am not sure under which section to post this information. Someone please guide me.
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    You can post the details of scholarship in a self writen format in our article section. Being a new member you must make sure that you are providing the reliable information and write the details on your own words. Never ever copy paste the matters from other site and that would amount to copy right violations and the article would be rejected. Give a good heading for the same, and in summary write a short note on scholarship and for who it is eligible and useful and in body content give all the details of the same and conclude the article with your own observation or suggestion.
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    You can submit it in the articles section in the Scholarships category of Education. Please use HTML tags for headings, sub-headings and points. Have a look at approved articles to get an idea on how to present your own.

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