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    How can law protectors behave like law breakers ?

    The after math of violence that erupted in Chennai and other places of Tamil Nadu after the permanent solution to Jallikattu was made, the police stooped to their low level of attacking the innocent students who were either too protesting in peaceful ways for 7 days and the videos that are being shown in social media and electronic media clearly points out the grave mistake that it is the police which instigated violence and put the blame on students. How can some police break the private vehicles, put fire to huts and throw fire inside the auto and set it fire ? SC must take these video suo motto and question the TN Police for their behavior.
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    Mr. Mohan: There is no doubt that policemen have behaved in a high-handed manner to disperse the students from Marina beech. But two things are required to be remembered in this context. The first thing is that the policemen always work as per the order of the politicians. In this case also, the policemen were definitely ordered by the politicians to disperse the mob by any means-but the politicians would now deny it. Secondly, we must remember that Indian policemen (anywhere in the country) have to work under lot of stress, at a strech, without rest. We must start thinking about them with sympathy and give due respect to them.
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    The politicians are rattled by the students power and their winning and hence they want to scuttle the unity by inciting violence through police and pass the blame.
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    Protest went in peaceful way for the first 7 days and police was very friendly with protesters across TN. Whenever new government forms, they give first priority to change the existing IAS / IPS officers and bring the new ones who will loyal to them. Police are always works based on the instruction they received from rulers/politicians. Politicians might have thought that if protest ends with peaceful way means then it will continue in future also for some other reason. So policemen finished it with violence. People involved in violence is not looks like students and genuine youngsters. I am sure none of law breakers from government side wont be punished.

    This much of people gathered spontaneously and not under a leadership, so they had multiples of group among them. Government also don't have any clue to whom they have to speak to end the protest.


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