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    Is Complexion A Vital Factor While Selecting A Life Partner?

    Since my childhood, I have seen that people fall in love with those who are fair in looks and not with the individual who is dark in his/her looks. Why is it so that a persons' complexion is given the highest priority when we all know that it is an individuals' character that matters and not the looks. But still, the majority of crowd prefer to beauty. So according to you is there any need to be bothered about looks or is it better to go with a good character irrespective of your looks? Please share your "honest" views.
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    This is the tricky thread posted by the author and I wont think there would be fair response or right replies. Over the years selecting a right partner for life lies in the hands of the parents and they see that bride must be good looking, beautiful, suits with personality of the son and above all amiable to the family. After parents select the girl, the other members of the house also should endorse and here comes the requirements from the sister who wants a good looking and beautiful girl for his brother. The expectations of each family which thinks that marriage is held once in life time and the girl selected must be suitable all round to all with fair complexion and good looking. But in Tamil there is saying that "Karupay azhaghu , Kaandhele rusi " that means black is beautiful and the residue of rice upma which is black in color always tastes good. Hope the author got what I am trying to say.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    (Smiling) Yes, sir, I got you!

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