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    The Present Method Of Examination

    Everyone is a genius in his/her own way. Is the present method of examination the best way to assess the true merits of students? Please share your views.
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    I am not happy with the present method of examination being conducted as the student is bound to follow a bookish knowledge and forced to write what is there in the book. Soon after the exam is over, if you ask any question to a student on current scenario being held in the country he or she is ignorant of things. Some of the students have nil knowledge about the religion, some does not know why they must have the knowledge of politics and some students are spoon fed by the parents for every needs and hence they does not know the sufferings and challenges in life. By the way no school or college ever conducting the field knowledge to the student by personally visiting. For example if the students are bound to explained about traffic sense and rules, they must be taken to a busy intersection and learn how the traffic is controlled by the policeman and what are his problems.
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    The present method of examination is not good enough to judge the knowledge of the student. In the present scenario, there are just checking how much a student can mug up or store content in his/her mind. They just evaluate the storage capability of a child. After 1-2 months of exam, the same knowledge gets washed out as the student is bound to prepare for another exam. This practice is not useful as the mental ability of a child is not developing. The present method of examination must change and some efficient method must be adopted.
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    The present method of examination is evolved in a long time with so many modification so we can not discard it in one go. I want to say that it requires certain modifications. Addition of more practical and skill aspects will help in making a robust system where simply cramming will not be helpful.
    If students are coming out from an examination system which has covered their practical skills they will be more successful in their jobs specially in industrial and engineering areas.
    A drastic change in the present system may lead to chaos and confusion while a gradual change to a better system will require a planned strategy.

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