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    Why such a poor response to the Double Reward program on Admissions?

    ISCians - where art thou?! The Webmasters are offering double the cc you get for your admissions articles under this fantastic earning program but the response to it is abysmal. It is not even a contest so no question of losing out at all on any prize as such. Nor is there any closing date as of now as the Webmasters will likely keep it open for a good while.

    All you have to do is check out advertisements in your local newspaper or online and post articles on admissions to schools, colleges and universities in India or abroad. It does not even require any exceptional English skills to write an article on admissions.

    We've had good response to other earlier double reward programs, so why not for this one too? Do exert yourself and show some enthusiasm & excitement for this program!
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    It seems many members including me are not familiar with sharing admissions as article and that is the reason being so the response were slow. However I shall try to post the admissions when ever I get authentic information from any school or college.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let me be honest. The contest is very appealing, after all, who does not want to earn money. I would be lying if I say I am here just for the experience or the interaction or for learning and knowledge sharing or for the love of writing. Whenever I post an article anywhere, I do so with an objective to earn. The CC awarded for articles in the recently concluded CBSE article contest were very low. The articles called for extra effort, as writers were not just writing about various CBSE schools, but were required to provide a clickable link to the corresponding page of each school in ISC, along with a clickable link to the homepage of the school. Most times I found locating schools on ISC to be a Herculean task – there was no easy way to do so, and even the Webmaster agreed. Despite the extra requirements, the CC was poor.

    To add insult to injury some editor decreased the CC that had been allotted to one of my approved CBSE article – no explanation given. Left disillusioned I chose not to participate in the ongoing Double Reward Program.

    I just noticed your post addressed to me in the CBSE double reward thread.

    Please note that I had not posted links to unpublished articles. Since it wasn't a competition there was no restriction on editing - I'm sure members were permitted to edit their work, which is what I did. My original articles covered schools that were not listed on ISC. As I was unable to add new schools I could not provide clickable links in my articles since the schools were not listed under 'schools' on ISC. I anticipated disqualification of my articles or them being put in the pending section so I chose to edit them and write about schools that were already listed on ISC. Please note, that the articles were complete in all respects by the deadline. I edited my work, to make it acceptable. Was there a rule that disallowed members from editing their work after posting the URL?

    As far as the 'standard policy' that you mentioned - are there clear-cut policies that members can refer to? You mentioned a standard policy that is neither published nor one that I am aware of.

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    There is no restriction whatsoever on editing an article. In fact, we do allow it so that members can update the information or correct English or add links/remove incorrect links, etc. What I meant was that you should not submit the URL of an article in the list of your response when it is still in draft mode and you have not selected the box 'Article is ready to publish'. This policy is not written in black and white but has time and again been mentioned in the reward programs related to the articles section. Members can put in the URL once they have selected 'Article is ready to publish' and not 'Not ready to publish yet', the latter implying that it is still not fully completed.

    As for cash credits for an article, that has indeed been a constant grouse of many authors, including me. Tony Sir has on more than one occasion mentioned in the forum that he cannot pay the same high rates as is given by professional writing sites. It is therefore beneficial at least to get double of what is given under such programs. Also, for those having AdSense, some little extra earnings are also generated.

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    As explained earlier there were major chunks in the article that needed to be modified. It wasn't a regular edit where I could read through the text, identify typos and minor errors and rectify them. Editing published articles is possible only when you are logged in. Articles selected for editing, revert to published state once you log-off. I had to use the 'not ready to publish' option after numerous failed attempts, at editing my articles.

    Please note the need to edit my articles arose because the school section was inaccessible. If I had kept the original list of schools, in my articles, they would probably have been disqualified as they would not have met the prerequisites. Editing them after the deadline would have met with disapproval.

    It was not a fraudulent move, I was running against time, trying to protect my work and make it acceptable before the deadline, as there was no help coming from the editorial team in approving school posts.

    Time and again there is mention of what is standard practice. When you or any of the other editors enforce something that has been mentioned in a previous thread you assume that the others have seen it/remember it. Unless something is mentioned in black and white, for everyone to see, there can be no strict policing. I wasn't aware I was violating a rule.

    I understand the management not wanting to pay higher rates. However, please consider this -

    1. These were ordered articles, with specific requirement
    2. The initial articles submitted were given higher remuneration for the same number of words and quality
    3. Subsequent articles began earning lower rates
    4. Doubling the amount brings the earnings to probably what I would have earned writing articles, outside the reward programme
    5. Adsense is an entirely different mode of earning and it is not guaranteed - it should not be clubbed with the earnings through an announced programme

    I would have liked it if you had also addressed the issue of the CC being reduced for an approved article. I was made to understand that ISC has a policy of never reducing credits once awarded unless there is a fraud. I am left wondering why I was singled out and targeted?

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    First of all, there was no implication whatsoever that you made any fraudulent move. I do not understand why you got that impression. I was merely pointing out a simple fact of the need to submit a URL only after the article is fully published.

    Secondly, if you have an issue of the cash credits being reduced, then you could provide us the URL for us to check it out.

    I will not address the issue further about the rates as such since that needs to be dealt with by the Webmasters. Besides, I did not understand what you meant by "ordered" articles. The double reward program was open to all members.

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    You don't have to latch onto every word. The term 'fraudulent' was used to explicate the situation - an elucidation that highlighted that it was a genuine requirement.

    Ordered articles are those that have specific requirements, as opposed to articles where you can write what you want, on a given subject. It's a term the clients I work with use.

    CC was brought into the discussion because you raised this thread. I explained my reasons for not participating in the programme, in response to your clarion call. I, of course, had to further explain my reasons for disagreeing with your view on the subject, as you were quite persuasive with your explanation of the benefits of the programme. I understand you not wanting to take this discussion further and that's absolutely fine with me.

    I made an error in stating that cc was reduced for a CBSE article. It was actually for the letter writing contest that was running concurrently. Here is the link to the article - Credit Card Limit Enhancement Letter – Sample Letter to Increase Credit Card Limit.

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    Low cc is the main cause for less participation. I mentioned earlier about it. If you want more participation increase the points and cc to minimum 40 .
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    I have no comment regarding cash credit. But I feel that writing articles on admission is not very easy. First I have to find out the institution where admission is going to start, then I have to give relevant link and write all necessary details. I don't want to bother myself.
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    Juana - I will check out that article.

    NK Sharma - There is no question of having a fixed minimum amount. How can we give 40cc or any other fixed amount to even articles which are not as well written or presented as other better ones?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Madam, I am giving a suggestion it is up to you whether you take it or reject it.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    The cc has been corrected now. It seems it was a genuine mistake on the editor's part, with the wrong digits being entered in the cc box. It was meant to be enhanced, not reduced.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I am glad you created this thread, for if it was not for this thread I would not have (consciously) raised the issue about the reduced cc. Something good has come of it.

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    Does it signal that only 'crying baby gets milk"?
    Does it not give a doubt that all is not well.
    Previously also I mentioned that revising frequently the decisions will signal something wrong to the silent members. It means that if you are vocal then you get it.
    Please avoid such things at least henceforth.

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