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    Can leaders/ politicians unite to develop India ?

    I feel that politicians are the link between the Government machinery and public. They have not qualified in an exam to reach that place, they are elected by the public thinking that they will manage the basic facilities for the public by enacting proper rules and regulations and at the same time warranting the execution part. Is it happening ? How many politicians are honest in this respect ? What is their objective ?
    If their objective is only to win the election and protect their seat throughout their tenure, the very purpose of electing them goes waste.
    If good leaders are elected and they take pains as a team to build India there is no doubt that we can be a very powerful and important nation in the world. It will also bring the prosperity and overall development.
    A politician has to come out of his party politics if he really wants to do something for the nation and national interest. Another thing is if he himself is unable to get the desired developmental jobs for public through the Govt. machinery what about the common man who has no resource to do anything of that order.
    I invite comments of members and let us discuss the issue.
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    Yes it is possible if the leaders and politicians sink their difference and work for development of the country in unison but in democracy there must be ruling and opposition parties and though in some parties the ideals and their rules are the same, but they wont mingle just for the purpose of maintaining their own identity. Take the instance of Congress. It is said to be the older party. If the things would have been well and it was corrupt free, there were no chance for other parties to take position and give the challenge to the biggest party. The situation has come to such a pass that they have to literally beg for some seats as alliance partner with Samajwadi party and thus in the recent past Congress has suffered a lot because of weak leadership. I think our PM Modi has the capacity to lead this country with formidable strength if all the opposition parties unite on some agenda and work for country's development.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    if all political parties come together and help the present PM, he can definitely deliver wonders. But unfortunately the other parties really don't want to strive for the nation. They have their personal agenda and try for that. In fact in a democratic country it is better to have constructive opposition. That will have check on the Government. But in India all opposition parties always oppose Government and try to get advantage.

    The most unfortunate aspect in India is. there are eligibility criteria for all government posts. But not for MPs, MLAs and Ministiers. For example a person who is having a case against him in the court can't go for a Government job. But a person who is in prison can contest in the elections.

    Another drawback in India is that majority of the voters don't understand the importance of the vote. They go by caste or religion. They will also get attracted for money and alcohol. Because of these problems a good person who is contesting in the elections may not win. Many of the educated people don't go for poling. All these problems put together, the quality of leaders is coming down. Many will try to make money during the tenure. It is here where all the problems start.

    Otherwise a country like India which is having plenty of youth, resources and mentors might have progressed well. However now we have a PM who cares for country and we will hope that everything good will happen

    always confident

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