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    Spelling Mistake in different certificates

    Actually according to my 10th and 12th school
    leaving certificate my name is Meghakumary
    Ramchandra Choudhary.But name printed on my
    10th and 12th board certificate is Megha Ramchandra
    Choudhary. Now I am in first year and my name is
    Continuing as Megha Ramchandra Choudhary.
    Name on my nationality certificate is Meghakumary
    Ramchandra Choudhary
    So please guide me what should I do
    And what problems I will face
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    What I feel that what ever name mentioned in the 10th class or 12 th Board certificates become basic authenticity to verify the credentials of a candidate. Now that you are continuing with Megha Ramchandra Choudhary , let it be and dot make any change. Just give a paper ad that you have changed your name from Meghakumary Ramchandra Choudhary to Mega Ramchandra Choudhary and that will suffice. If you change the name now , the cascading effect takes place and you have to do for every certificate you obtain. So continue with the new name and as suggested by me.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank You Milan

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    Welcome to ISC! Please refer to our Ask Expert section, where many such similar queries have been asked and guidance has been given by ISC members.

    (Note - the person who gave the response above is K Mohan and not Milan.)

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    It is good if you change your name according to school leaving in CBSE 10 th and 12th Marksheets.
    You submit application in those offices ,about their negligence ,it is theirs duties to make correction.
    If you are unable to do so you have to pay a lot.

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