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    Is the current education system a bane to the children?

    Education is important in everyone's life. Today's children are tomorrow's citizens. I feel that the current education system is not in the right direction to mould the children. The way of teaching should change.

    Education should teach the children about life, social responsibilities and the values. Now a days, the children are just taught to mug up the lessons to just score in the examinations. The children are pressured by both parents and teachers.

    The slow learners are considered to be dumb and often criticised and humiliated. Recently, I read an article about a 12th standard student committing suicide. The reason being he was humiliated by his teacher for not scoring good marks.

    In my opinion, the current education system should change. Please share your thoughts.
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    In this fast changing scenario of the world, the education has become a challenging factor for the student as well as the parents. Gone are the days when only teachers are held responsible for the performance of the child. Now the parents have to take fifty percent blame for the performance of their child. Though teacher teaches at the school, the parent must rejig the child at the home and see that he understood what is taught at the school. If that is not done then the child tends to be average or poor. There is no place for average or dull student in the society. Even those who are performers of top 10 ranks in the class are seen with sore eyes by the management which want every one to be top three. In this situation if a child wont study or lethargic, then there is no excuse. The pressure of education can be felt from 1st class onward and the parents must brace themselves too.
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    Since the advent of civilization on this planet education evolved in some form or other. Even in the animals the instinct of educating their new born is very strong.
    Education is not simply the alphabets and how to read and right. It is a very big canvass and a proper education system will be showing its reflections throughout the life of a person. The present day education system has not come in force overnight. It has taken thousands years to reach this state and if is has some shortcomings does not mean that we discard it at one go.
    Yes, with the advancement in science and technology the learning courses have dramatically changed over the time and what seemed to be education yesterday is totally replaced by new syllabus. Academics have become dynamic and global. Financial aspects have taken a front seat in pursuing education.
    Now the education for children has also seen tremendous changes and play and learn techniques have been incorporated for the tiny tots. More emphasis is on their skill development and communication rather than cramming the alphabets.
    Still many children do not like the school atmosphere and search excuses for not going there. We can not blame our education system for that because if a child is not interested in his kinder garden or school than it could be a psychological problem rather than the system. If a large number of children are behaving that way than it is alarming and we have to check for corrective measures and may think to change the way we handle them at school.
    For comparison let us see example of those people who after a lot of efforts get a job and on the very next day start complaining about the work load and defects in their organizations. On the other hand many of us enjoy our job and wish to continue for ever.
    So sometimes it is the individual who is getting annoyed or stressed in a particular environment rather then the system itself.
    So, out rightly we can not say that present educational system is a bane to the children but yes, there is a lot of scope for improvement and it is here where feedback from parents in particular and society in general is required to achieve a conducive and robust educational environment.

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    My view is the children should taught in his/her LKG to second standard to read,writer and speak in the mother tongue alongwith moral study based on all religions. But nowadays the schools are so greedy along with the parents as if the children should get well versed in all languages even from their LKG. Of course there are children with extra ordinary capacity but many children do not know the mother tongue words and letters to write or even identify. The starting of the schooling should be fun and and the children should like to go to the school as if they are selecting to go to the Park. Repeated writing practice made them well to learn the letters and numbers well in their mother tongue first and if so, the luggage of books to them also get minimized. Later on the inclusion of other languages, mathematics, science etc., slow by slow. This was the method followed earlier but now in the name of modernization and competing with other countries our children were overloaded with subjects and books. Present system, on one hand makes parents free from their daily schedule except monetary burden and on the otherhand the institutions by exploiting their such interest draining money from them as anything.

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    Yes, Kids are ending up studying too much informatio. We must develop the analytical abilities, decision making abities, communication abilities and co-ordination skills. With these skillsets the kid can excel in any of field. We are forgetting these things and measuring them their abilities through marks.

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