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    What are your views on 'Yadha Rajah Thadah Prajah'

    We know there is a Sanskrit proverb 'Yadha Rajah Thada Prajah' means how the king or administrator in present democracy will be then it replicates the people too.Is it if the King is bad? then the People are also bad. So if the king or administrator is uneducated then the people who live in that area are also uneducated.What are the views in this?How can you explain it?How you defend this proverb?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Although I have heard this Sanskrit proverb quite often, I can't agree to this fully. Although in democracy, the quality of people can be generally understood by observing the quality of their representatives, there are some leaders in every country everywhere and in every field who prove that the proverb is not always true.
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    Yes this is the good saying in Sanskrit which testifies the character of a ruler. If a ruler or the King is good and dynamic we can expect same kind of attitude in people. If a ruler was lethargic and lazy, the people would be lazy and no productivity. Once there was a king and want to know how best his administration was. He ordered people to share one spoon of milk in a big vessel placed at a cross road and every one must share one spoon full of milk. One person thought that what will happen if he shares one spoon of water instead of milk. And he does. But the same thought came to many and they were just sharing one spoon of water. When the King came and opened the vessel and saw the content, it was more watery milk than the pure milk. So what testifies from this story that a King is the one who must understand the aspiration of the people and work. He must go in disguise mingle with the people and get to know what they want.
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    In English it is said "As the King, so are the subjects". I won't agree with this proverb. Now we have our PM like a King. He wants a clean India; a corruption free India; scandal free India etc. Are we citizens feel like him? While there are very few Indians who support our PM, there are many Indians who wish to live in dirt with black money and corruption. This is one simple example to prove the unfitting proverb 'Yadha Rajah Thada Prajah'
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