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    If you could bring one dead Indian freedom fighter or a leader back to life, who would it be?

    Bringing a dead person back to life is of course not possible in reality. But at some point, we would have missed the presence of some great freedom fighters or political leaders in the current era. If I am given a chance to bring one dead person back to life, then I will select "Kingmaker" Mr. K. Kamaraj, a freedom fighter, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the leader of Indian National Congress. Frankly speaking I have never seen Mr. Kamaraj, but I have read lot of things about him in books. Kamaraj's ruling period was considered as the Golden period of Tamil Nadu and the man is known for his simplicity and good nature. He sacrificed his own life for the welfare of the country. Finding a simple leader who cares for his own people in this current modern world is really a tough task. So I would bring the selfless and a simple Indian leader Mr. K.Kamaraj back to life.

    If you are given a chance to bring one dead Indian freedom fighter or a leader back to life, who would it be and why?

    Mention the name of only one dead INDIAN freedom fighter or a leader.
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    I would bring Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose back to life. I would request him to give another clarion call to the youth of the country to fight against all the ills the country is facing: corruption, nepotism, selfishness, short-sightedness, petty vote-bank politics, appeasement, casteism, communalism and, above all, anti-nationalism in the garb of liberalism. I firmly believe no other leader of the country would be able to inspire the youth the way Netaji would.
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    My choice is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji is one person who commanded the respect of the entire nation during freedom struggle. He is a great leader who brought the entire nation to the path of Swarajya through non violence and non cooperation. Mahatma's presence is very much relevant to the present day conditions in our country.
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    With no much explanation, I would simply name the great leader K Kamaraj from Tamilnadu. A man who was a freedom fighter, then an able leader, an able Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Kamaraj is the best name in Ramraj. I would like to see this great leader rising from the grave to contest election from Tamilnadu for the post of Prime Minister of India.
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    If I were allowed to bring in to life and giving a new lease of life , my choice would be Alluri Seetharama Raju. The great freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh who fought for the cause of gonds and who stood as the mountain against the barbaric British Raj and during his last minutes of death he encountered a warrior death at the hands of British by accepting shooting on his chest at point blank range. Even a Telugu film was made in his name and that was a super hit in those days and raked up special feeling for the freedom fighters. Surely such persons are needed now as there is dearth for leaders who can fight real cause.
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    If I would bring one freedom fighter back to the life,I would bring Dr Rajendra Prasad,The first President of India.
    He was the person for whom the examiner wrote ,"Examinee is better than Examiner".He followed the principles of simplicity in his life.He took only one fourth of salary as a President India.He donated rest for the poor people of our country. He was the man of morals.He walked with Mahatma Gandhi .He struggled hard for freedom of India.

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    My choice would be Kamaraj, freedom fighter, former president of Congress and former CM of TN. I have read so many good things about Kamaraj and would like to see him back.

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    Swami Vivekananda, awesome balance of spirituality, awareness, fitness, patriotism and youth motivation.
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    Given a chance, I would bring back Gandhiji to life. He would be able to lead the nation by uniting the people and urging them to tread the path of peace and non-violence to make India a better place to live in. He would also be able to chalk out plans to fight the issues like corruption, crimes against women etc. He would be able to lead the nation in fighting poverty and will be able to divert the attention of our governments to the villages again.
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    #589239: For another partition and holocaust?
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    As the forum author has mentioned one dead freedom fighter its difficult to judge one because most of all the freedom fighters are required to our country back. They have served our country in one way or the other. So I feel if I select one then what about the other freedom fighter who has equally sacrificed his life for our country. So I salute to all the freedom fighters and wish they should have rebirth in our country now which most required here.

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    I would also recommend another great freedom fighter from the south. He is none other than Veerapandiya Kattabomman. If you want to know about him, just CLICK Here
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