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    Fun At ISC Discussion Forum

    Forums have been a great pathway for discussing on various topics so far. It has become a medium of communication with every person, no matter whether you know that person or not. By talking on various subjects, sharing our views and also by knowing others views without leading into a debate forums have become a decent mode of discussion. It is just similar to a group discussion. So till now how much fun and enjoying has been your time spending at Indian Discussion Forum? Please share your forum fun so far!
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    Mr. Member,
    I, Sun is a Fun loving member. Since the time I joined ISC in the year 2011, I had been loving fun in this site. I used to raise funny posts for joy and entertainment. I have conducted many quizzes, riddles and games. Many fun loving members participated, enjoyed and encouraged me. Few non-fun loving members ignored my posts and remained silent. Also, at times, my Fun created problems to some silent members. I was a creative member and held the badge of the first creative member of ISC. Alas! I lost it for no reason. Yet, I continued to maintain my self-created fun activities. As of now, I have no time for Fun. I have kept my fun on silent mode.

    No life without Sun

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    Raising a thread is the great attitude of a member and how to proceed about is the challenging aspect. Not every one is well versed on this. I have invariably seen that many members are at ease to respond to a thread instead of raising a thread. But I feel totally comfortable and ease at raising threads. In fact I feel that there should not restrictions on me to post the threads as I have many ideas and information which keep on shuttling in my mind and if I find my quota of sharing is closed for a while the interest is lost. So my fun here is to raise as many threads as possible and make the forum moving.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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