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    Like India gives Padma awards on Republic day, ISC must honor members too.

    Every Republic day it is customary on the part of the government to recognize great leaders, Icons, sports persons, gallantry displayed persons were honored. Like wise we the members are also contributing for the progress of this site and over the years this site has been developing and becoming popular leap and bounds. It is my humble request that on every Republic day the ISC must come up with some unique awards and that need not be with cash credits. Just citation and certificate is enough to lift the spirit for continued patronage from formidable members. Any takers.
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    Yes, I fully support the proposal. And I also recommend commendations for five most oldest (in term of date of joining) and still active Members during the first year, i.e., in 2017.
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    This is a good suggestion. Just a recognition is sufficient which will definitely add to the morale of participants. Try this once and watch the results. Congrats Mr. Mohan for this suggestion.
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    Thanks Partha and Sankaran for the support. The awards could be on these lines :
    Best Consistent member award
    Best Co-operative Member award
    Best Talented member award
    Best helping member award
    Best all rounder member award

    K Mohan
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    . A very good suggestion from our senior member Mr. Mohan. ISC has missed the opportunity this year. Anyway, our good ISC officials will think about something to award on these two important days viz. 26 January and 15 August. Let us hope to see some announcement on 15th August.

    @ I do not agree with the awards recommended by the author. There should be different awards with peculiar names of awards.

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    We can put forward this suggestion to the Webmasters. Truth to say, it has been on my own mind since a long time to honour long term members who are still contributing, even if it is only in one or two sections. I was hesitating to propose it though to the Webmasters as I was not sure if it was feasible in terms of the cost to them. What was on my mind was not merely putting a certificate at the member's account which he/she could then download and print, but an actual physical certificate to be sent to the recipient's current address, the certificate being printed on quality paper and personally signed by the Webmasters. This will be far more meaningful and a matter of pride to have.

    I do not think there is any necessity to have specific awards like 'co-operative', 'consistent', etc Instead, we could simply have one single citation titled "Certificate of Excellence" with some text which is simple but at the same time conveys the honour beautifully . Members could recommend the words that could be put in the citation. Something like this perhaps:
    At the top: ISC Certificate of Excellence
    Text: This certicate is awarded to
    ______________ (name of member)
    In recognition and sincere appreciation for exceptional and distinguished contributions to
    .... [any other words that can indicate the honour]

    "........and still active Members during the first year, i.e., in 2017." - Partha, I think you meant 2007 when you were referring to the first year of ISC.


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    Ms. Vandana: I wanted to mean that such honour would be bestowed for the first time in 2017.
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