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    Discuss: Internal assessment in Academics is good or bad?

    What is the actual purpose of internal assessment in educational field? The latest news from a reputed educational institution in Kerala states that the principal was doing partiality to students on their internal assessment. The students were forced to do some jobs for getting marks in internal assessment. Some students who were favorable to principal will get good marks while others won't. Is this the actual meaning of internal assessments given by universities to colleges?

    According to my opinion, an internal assessment must be conducted only on the basis of a student's performance in seminar, assignments, test papers and attendance. I am sure this is the actual rule of internal assessment.

    Friends, you can share your opinion about internal assessments in academics here. Lets also protest against the misbehavior of teachers in educational institutions for providing marks in internal assessments.
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    The author has raked up a valid issue through this thread. Internal assessment has been the controversial subject since many years and it is has been noted that the Management has the upper hand over giving good marks for their close students and thus merit student may be denied good marks citing some reason or the other. In Intermediate course the BiPc students are asked to make Herberium of different plants and in this regard my self, my wife and my daughter took lots of interest and collected good varieties as sought by the lecturer. But some students have been given lead by the management they would even accept ready made Herberium available in the market. Here we have toiled for three to four days by getting the rare species and arranging in nice manner and for that the Lecturer gave the same mark as awarded to those students who got ready made Herberium. So you can understand.
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    If the management is not awarding the marks to student as per their capabilities and knowledge then the whole purpose of internal assessment is defeated. In such cases there is no point in continuing with such a system as it will be very demotivating for the actual merit students.
    We all know that in organizations or institutions it is very commonly seen that the people who are in the good books of the management get preferential treatment and the hard working ones are neglected. This is definitely the weakness of the persons sitting on the higher seats in any department. One must not be so greedy and selfish that one ignores the meritorious and brilliant student and goes for small favors from a mediocre.
    In educational institutes we have to shape the career and character of our disciples and prepare them to take up higher responsibilities in their future life. They are the building blocks of our nation tomorrow. If they find differential treatment in colleges what will be their outlook for the institution in particular and the country in general.
    This is a very serious situation and it should be corrected at the college or institution level itself.

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    The purpose of internal assessment in schools is basically for mid course correction in the progress of those students who are not doing good in the studies. If this is not the spirit of internet assessment then there is no meaning in applying such regulations in colleges or institutions.
    It is really very shameful that people at the helm of affair do not think about the bright and meritorious students and instead support the undeserving ones from whom they take personal advantages. This sycophancy in the society is very disgusting and not in a good taste.

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    Internal assessment of a student is done to check his overall performance and attendance and is, no doubt, important, if done honestly. I do agree that managements do try to manipulate this privilege vested in them at times but to say that a student can be held to ransom on account of internal assessment appears to be too far fetched. A student who is good in academics and attends his classes regularly need not worry too much about internal assessment. Internal assessment gains importance only when the student as well as the teachers are really serious about it and understands the actual purpose behind it. With reference to the particular incident quoted by the author, I would like to say that a Principal of an institution has only a larger role to play in this connection. Violation can take place only with the connivance of teachers. The encouragement provided to managements by some students who are academically poor and are not sure about their external marks also does count. I would like to conclude by saying that it is the confidence that a student has in his academic capabilities that ultimately matters.
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    Internal assessments were always a controversial aspect. As I have seen over the years, it has removed many times with the change in government and added back to the system again. There is also another aspect to this problem. That is whether to allot grades or marks on internal assessment. And how to determine the marks for each student. They are divided into small components like based on assignment, presentation, tests, attendance etc. But its quite difficult to judge some aspects like behaviour. So to ease this what the proffessors will do is allocating the marks by looking at names of students or who are their favorite in the class. This causes injustice to real good students.

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    As far as my experience as a Bachelors student, Internal assessments were a good experience for me. It had given an opportunity to do things differently and creatively. My teachers at LPU were always giving something that made me to explore new things regarding the subject, and otherwise we never would have think about it. Some of the works were to review the writings of eminent persons in the field, or to go outside and submit a report on participant observation. Documentary making and poster making had given an opportunity to work as a team and to get a lot of experiences. Don't know about other institutes, but my days in Lovely Professional University had given different exposure, and assignments as part of Internal assessment were the one of such opportunities.

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