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    Carelessness while using the mobile phone leads to danger

    A person with seven persons of relative went to nearby temple function by his car. While returning a call has come in the mobile of driving person while he get the phone from the adjacent person, he slipped the same into the car. By driving he tried to take the phone but lost his control on car and the car dashed in the nearby tree and damaged severely in which two of them died on the spot and others got severely injured. The usage of indispensible mobile caused for the accident and swallowed two lives. This could be avoided either by the driving person in this case by taking the mobile after stopping the car or the person initially attended phone would have intimated the situation and asked to call later. Without realizing the danger only many people are meeting the same.

    Similarly taking selfie which is havoc with the mobile as two boys got drowned into the lake water and died when they went to the lake for swimming.

    carelessness in handling mobile phone without forecasting the danger is only in our hands and we should always alert in such situations. we should never use mobile phones while crossing roads, driving as well while charging the mobile
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    These type of news are published daily in news paper but people don't take it seriously. very good forum by the author. Actually while driving we should not talk in cell phone but still people use Bluetooth and talk. When they are talking they are not only putting their lives to risk and even other lives to risk. Even in city traffic I find many talking in cellphones and driving, by this they loose control or lack concentration. To stop such accidents some strict rule against cellphones has to be taken by the government.

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    This is again a relevant post shared by the author and which needs to be discussed. With the advent of cell phones people have lost their mental balance and they are not aware as to what they are doing and what for they should give priority. At any given time you go to any home, the parents, the children would be fiddling with the phone and the elders would be at a loss to understand as to why no one is talking to them. Further talking on the phone while driving is the foolish thing. Only today morning I happen to see a video where in a person is obliging his wife to stand on the parapet wall of a bridge and taking the selfie. The water flow below the bridge is full and there is every danger of life. Not minding this , they kept on trying different pose and suddenly his wife lost control fell inside the river. Rattled over that, he also dived into the river. Both were not seen to the other people.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Just now while returning from office I noticed that a young woman was crossing a busy road while talking in mobile phone. Suddenly the traffic signal changed to green but the young woman didn't notice it. She carelessly crossed the road while talking, but to save her from collision a bike-rider fell down and somehow he was saved.
    But the irony is that the woman didn't even notice what had happened. She went on using the cellphone and the road behind her was in utter chaos!

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Very frequently we get to read about such sad news of people getting hurt ,many times fatally while walking on or crossing roads. There was report of a woman falling down from the terrace when walking over there and simultaneously talking on mobile phone.

    The irony is that it is the educated and who are well aware of such dangers who are ignoring the warnings and become victims.
    Just a second makes a great difference between life and death. Alert!

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    Technology came into human life with an agenda, making human life's better and easier. But now as per scenario, its making human life more miserable and lonely. With so much of online chat websites, Facebook, Whatsapp.. Etc.. Humans are forgetting to have casual conversation with other humans.
    This post is really an another example of that Technology becoming a barrier than breaking the barrier. I would say people have started to value the lifeless products more than the lives living with them.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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    A few days back as I got call from my sister while I was in bus stop as the bus just arrived I didn't saw the name board of the bus and I just planted my foot on the bus steps and the conductor told the bus will not go then immediately (I am talking to my sister on my mobile) I want to get down from backwards I felt on the road. Thank god I did n't get injured almost my head hits the road but with my will power, I stopped without moving my head.
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    A nice thread and good situations explained. We should take care while using mobile phone.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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