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    1000 year celebration of Sri Ramanuja

    Sri Ramanujar, who lived for 120 years with devotional service in the Hindu Theology. He lived as a great philosopher and he laid strong foundation for the devotion through Bhakthi movement. He born in SriPerumbudhur village near Chennai in the year 1017.

    Such learned men are indirectly declared that all religion and caste are immaterial for attaining
    Moksha. It should be reached only through a Guru. Here the Guru of Sri Ramanuja was Yadhava Prakasha a scholor. Since wife of Ramanuja was very strict in the religious formalities with aversion on other caste people, this made further in Ramanuja to reach God though Sanyasa Yoga.

    His 1000 birthday is celebrated in all vaishnava temples. There are many disciples for Ramanuja and among them one is Nambiyandar Nambi who lived in Thirukoshtiyur,near Sivaganga Dt of Tamilnadu.

    Let us remember Sri Ramanuja and study His teachings for our eternal bliss.

    Further information about this Great Person can be had from

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    When people of modern era are giving credence to the equality and no hatred for other religion as emphasized by some, the author made great rememberance of Sri Ramanajur who fought for the rights of down trodden and under class society and there by he stands tall among those who preach equality to all religion and equal opportunity to all irrespective of their caste. There is a great temple dedicated to him at Sri Perambadur and once I had been there to that temple on the way to Mahabalipuram and Thirukazhukundram. My appreciation to author for this post.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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