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    Where reasearch stands currently for men losing only crown hair in Alopecia?

    It is interesting fact that in Alopecia condition it is blamed to genes which impacts most percentage causing Alopecia. It can not be denied though too because some men did not have Alopecia till they die. Now thing is as per research it is said that Alopecia caused by DTH ( Dihydrotestosterone ) hormone. On the parallel note if this is true then why only crown hair, why not all body hair loss? Where research stands currently on this?
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    Hair loss according to me attributes to many factor. Though the researchers may name them with modern words, the fact is that for the common man the hair loss is due to constant thinking on matters not concerning to them, not taking care of hair with herbal products or house hold products, heavily depending on shampoos and coloring agents. Once a person uses the hair color, it may look good for some days and later the color will fade away and bring more grey in the hair and there are every chance of even hair loss. If you use the shampoo often, you can notice that while drying the hair with towel we can find some hair came out our head, That means chemical presence in the shampoo are getting rid of our hair in strands and that will make us bald in future. Using Shikakai and Reeta which are our desi products to clean the hair is the best way to keep the bald head away.
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