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    Which is the best donation according to you?

    Some say that if you give education to an uneducated person or group of people who are willing to acquire education then it is the best donation. Some say that if you give food to a hungry man or a group then it is the best donation. There are again some who say that if you donate human organs then it is the best donation. Similarly some say donating clothes, donating blood, putting money in charity collection boxes in temples, churches or public places, giving money to the needy etc and so on are best donations. Which is the best donation as far as you are concerned? What does our Vedas say regarding this? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    While there is no second thought about great donations like money, helping others with education funding, poor feeding, organs donating, blood donation and donating as the contributions in the Hundi. But what I feel that in the present circumstances people are not uniting for any cause either from relations or from friends. Every one wants to come at the eleventh hour of the program and enjoy the same and not to help the organizer. So giving shrama dhaan is the best and the person would be ever remembered for lending help on any work and that is the best way to get attention.
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    Donating on Education is the best donation.Don't give someone a bread to eat ,but help him/her to learn how the bread is earned.If you have passion to donate ,donate the institution working for education and training for underprivileged ones.My N.G.O is working for education and training and I feel the differences.After getting education and training the trainees become self dependent.They get eternal joy.
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    I think the best donation is one that helps or satisfies a donee. There is no point in giving donations if it does not serve any purpose to the person receiving the same. Donations should have a meaning and any donation that does not serve a purpose for which it is meant is not its worth.
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    I could not separate any way of donation as each and every donation helps someone in someway. Be it is blood donation, money donation or food donation or clothes donation, it helps the recipient in satisfying their needs and we will get their blessings.

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    I think every form of donation helps.

    1. Knowledge helps if the student or the person is in need of that.
    2. Money helps when the person is struggling.
    3. Food helps when the person is starving.
    4. Shelter helps when the person is looking for a way to stay.
    5. Clothing helps when one is in need of that.

    So it all depends on how we are helping each other. Some of the time we can't help because we can't gauge the situation of that person. But overall, in my opinion we need to give what we can. Again if we want to otherwise we should not force our own mind for that too. Sometimes it's better not to donate than donating.

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    The best donation to anyone could be the one which he/she needs it honestly. If a beggar needs money and he is greeted with food, then the food will definitely go in vain. And ultimately, his motive of begging would not be accomplished. So, I think the best donation would be the appropriate help anyone needs. If a donation can bring smile on someone's face and fulfill his needs completely, then I think that is the best donation.
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    In my opinion organ donation is the best donation. Some time ago, I raised a thread on donation of eyes. I request Members to read the thread if not read earlier. The link is given below:-
    Amar Sen's vision remains even after his death

    I don't know if anybody is inspired to donate organs after his/her death.

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