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    Talk to your children in friendly way and know their priorities and aspirations.

    As a parent we are always concerned about the children and their well being. We do not have time to talk to our own children and they are simply behaving with us normally but never dare to share their priorities and aspirations. When you watch two children making conversations and gestures, they would reveal more than what we expect. The children also feel comfortable with brothers and sisters to talk freely but when it comes to parents they have have reservations. Create a atmosphere of good condition for fair hearing of your children and then see their confidence and progress.
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    By seeing this posting I just remembered my father and mother as they totally treated all of us (four sons) equally with love and friendly only till eighty six years of my father.

    It is really a good and required practice in all parents. This presently lacks in them because of their over expectation from the children. In this tender age itself they should do and manage everything. Some parents let the children to do all works related to them even from brushing to doing home work by themselves in the name of freedom and thought of making themselves to get practices everything. But such children only select their spouse as their own and in that situation the parents are crying or angrying. I saw one mother asked her five years old child to brush her teeth on her own without extending any help. One day that child climbed in a stool to take brush and paste and got severely injured as she fell down in the bathroom and also she got beaten by the parents as she did not do that work also properly.
    Strictness on children from parents is good one but this should not be in practice. One friend of mine used to shout at his six years old child for anything and one day on his love he bought some sweets to her and the child asked him whether he is good or bad.

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    Very true Mohan. It is every parent's responsibility to build a special bond with their children, where the latter can open up and speak to their parents about their dreams and aspirations. It is important that such a bond is created early on in life. It becomes difficult for children to suddenly begin speaking to their parents if they have not been doing so since early on in life.

    Parents must always keep their eyes and ears open, to pick up (unsaid) signals and signs. They must also learn to listen to their children. Understand their needs and likings and not force their personal preferences on their children. Good parents create an atmosphere where their children are able to confide in them, without fear of being admonished. Parents must also allow their kids to dream, to explore and experiment – freedom is the key here, do not clip their wings and tie them down.

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    Only yesterday in Dil Hai Hindustani program on Star plus the mother and daughter duo singers displayed this bonding well and the mother even told the judges that for her the daughter is a friend.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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