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    How will you pass your time ?

    Every one wants entertainment. It is a good change after each spell of tiring work. People say time is required for entertainment. Yes, no doubt.
    Suppose you get suddenly sufficient time in your hands and find that there is no demand from you from family side or your employer for any work and you are on your own.
    How are you going to pass your time. Let us give our opinions in this thread. I assure you it will be very interesting and funny.
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    If you are a dedicated ISC member and fully devoted to ISC working, you will run short of time. There cannot be any other good time pass than being a member of
    No life without Sun

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    Normally I wont get free time at all as every day is planned in advance and things would happen accordingly. When ever I feel like having little more time to spend, surely I will be with ISC for contributions. Now a days instead of raising threads and giving replies, I am also going to ask experts section and article section to submit by reviews and answers. So getting involved with ISC is top priority and simultaneously I would also open the social media pages and see the likes and comments on my postings there. I really enjoy the feedback on Facebook and Twitter in which I am equally famous.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice Sun ! You have made the point.
    Mohan ji great ! You always take the cake with you.
    I am waiting for some more responses and will try to narrate my way of pass time.
    Mohan ji, I found facebook and twitter over crowded and though I am still there but having very less activity. Your post may inspire me to do something creative there also. Thanks.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think the actual situation is that you crave for free time when you have very less of it but you don't know how to spend the same when you have lots of it. If such a situation arises when I am totally free, I think I will wake up late in the morning, visit my relatives and friends, read some books, take a nap in the afternoon, watch television for a while, cook something special, go for an outing etc. I have responded from the scenario where I am on my own.
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    I would spend most of my free time in Internet. When I say this, I would definitely login into ISC and contribute as much as I can. I will also allocate some time to read technology related articles. And I might choose to go out for a walk and will try to complete if I have any personal work as well.

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    Umesh what I am doing in social media like Facebook and Twitter is to create image memes of my own and post the same as response or rejoinder and that is getting good coverage and comments. At ISC we are not allowed to share such things and I am tied up just to write words, there I can speak my heart with images, clubbing the old image with new one, connecting the nature image with that of political situation and above all some rare videos I get through my circles are really mind boggling which cannot be sidelines or discarded. That way I rise my knowledge and pass useful time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan thanks. You have given me another idea for being active in facebook. You are right that a picture can tell more than thousand words.
    Actually I think I should wait for a few comments before I respond. Otherwise it will look like chat which is not warranted.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If I would get time,I would involve my self with my activities fully.I want to give my contribution to ISC .
    So,I would write articles for ISC. Previously I used to write I would send poems for that.I would involve on Facebook and Twitter also.

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    I rarely get free time during my daily schedule. ISC is in my schedule where I spend about 1-2 hours daily for keeping myself up-to-date. ISC also improves my English and increase vocabulary. So, I used to spend time here as much as possible. Apart from ISC, I used to spend time in Quora where I meet some of the idealistic people who are expertise enough. If you wish to pass your time, then you could start your own blog and share your content publicly with the world.
    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    I love technology and it gives me immense pleasure to learn new things or get to know about knew things. So, if I am totally free, I would certainly like to learn a few more tech things. For that, I need a newspaper & a computer with an internet connection. The best way to learn something new is by doing it, well, that's what I think.

    Now, suppose I have my computer but no internet connection, like if I am in a remote village or something. Then I would prefer to do is to clean up all the junk on my drives & desktop. Organize my computer and organize my several mail accounts (if I have an internet connection). That should take a few hours at the most, say 8-10 hours.

    I have two bags full of analog photos since my infancy. I have converted some of them to digital photos by scanning them. Still, I have a lot of the analog photos to convert to digital. It would probably take a month or so. I may get bored doing that for a month on a daily basis, so would like to go for long walks in the woods in between, which I so dearly miss in the urban jungle that I am living in at present.

    Converting all those analog photos to digital will give me a work for my lifetime, a work which I so much love, but hardly get time these days for. My passion is to touch-up photos, like removing blemishes, wrinkles or scars from a face, make someone look muscular or slimmer (Oh! Wifey dear is going to certainly kill me if she reads this. This henpecked foo! will certainly delete this line in a few days, lest she may read it someday) and make them better using software like Photoshop.

    Prior to accidentally landing up on ISC one fine evening, I used to edit photos on my comp and upload them on Flickr, Sulekha, and other travel related websites daily. That desire, to make someone or make self too look better in a pic, made me learn Photoshop on my own. The drives on my comps are getting fuller with so many pics being saved on them almost everyday.

    So, I have a lifelong work to touch-up photos even if I retire today, the work which I enjoy doing the most.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Thanks Ravi, I did not know about Qora. May be sometimes I will peep in there.
    I do not know how many times the initiator can respond in his own thread but I am taking liberty to express my views also on passing time.
    If I get such a wonderful 1 week time with me I will start my day at least at 6 AM, if not before because I believe that earlier you get up, more you will reap in the day. Passing time does not mean idling or killing time. It is basically for our hobbies that we should utilize this. For years someone was wishing - If I get time I will write a poem. Now that time is there !
    Continuing, I will prepare a cup of tea and enjoy it in my verandah or any open place. After that I will have some light exercises to make myself lively and then go for a stroll. Leisurely enjoying the nearby places in the pleasant time of morning. As there is no schedule back in the house I can prolong my walk further, sit at a road side tea stall, talk very casually to the persons there and if feel gulp down a Kadak (strong) tea also. By the time when I reach back it is time to take bath etc and after that I will require a breakfast and I can prepare that with my basic cooking skills very easily taking care that I should use minimum utensils and if possible use the disposables as I am alone and do not expect a household help.
    I will prefer to read a book which was pending on my list for a long time and after an hour or so I can take a break and start thinking about lunch. I have two alternative prepare it myself or go to a restaurant nearby.
    After lunch I will like to have a nap say for an hour and a cup of tea is very essential there after.
    Evening time is where the whole gamut of passing time rests. I will find out from newspaper what are the things going on in the town and possibly I may choose to go for some kind of exhibition or lecture/ discourse somewhere.
    I will prefer to walk back from the venue as far as possible and then settle back in the house with a cup of coffee.
    At this time it is time to thank God for a nice and pleasant day and I will like to perform some puja by reciting some slokas learned from my father in my childhood.
    I will prefer to prepare evening meal myself and have it while listening to music and radio. Afterwards I will have my favorite program in TV and thereafter I will go to bed.
    This may look like very ordinary and not thrilling but this is what I am going to do in those imaginary circumstances.

    Knowledge is power.

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