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    How to prepare a delicious coffee drink?

    Dear fellow members,
    At times, we may have to part with our wives on various grounds. If the parting is for very few days, it is bearable and tolerable. But a long leave to our wives will put us in problems. We may not like the hotel food and spend money unnecessarily. We may have to set up our own kitchen to meet some small requirement like coffee making, bread toasting, omlette making etc.

    Let us now discuss - How to prepare a tasty coffee drink? Both gents and ladies can join this thread and discuss various means of preparing an excellent coffee drink. Please specify the ingredients and measurements as required.

    Members, Let us have a small kitchen here to prepare some good coffee, please.
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    We Indian's, especially South Indian's like filter Coffee. In the past to prepare Coffee decoction we are using filter. But to get decoction from filter it takes more time. So presently we are using a Coffee Percolator by which we can get decoction with in few minutes. It is supplied by Coffee day Company for around 500 rupees. In this percolator, the lower tank is provided with a small cup like thing in which we have to keep 3 tea spoon full of Coffee powder. The lower tank is filled with water up to the given mark. Then the lower part is covered with another vessel. This percolator is heated for about 5 minutes. Then decoction moves into the upper vessel and it is simply mixed with required milk from pouring from the upper vessel of the Percolator. Adding with sufficient sugar we can consume the Coffee which taste exactly like filter Coffee. So by using Percolator we can prepare the Coffee with in few minutes which will taste filter Coffee like. Some people drink Coffee prepared from pure Coffee powder but we like Coffee mixed with little percentage of Chicory. In North India people mostly they start with Tea in the morning but I always prefer to take only a cup of Coffee in the morning. But evening I always prefer to take a cup of Tea. In am attaching the view of Percolator for those who do not aware about much.

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    Preparing a good coffee attributes to many factor. First of all the blend of chicory and the pure coffee powder matters. Some wants 40/60 combination and some want the reverse. Once that is decided, it is better to use the coffee filter for best result. Take two spoons of coffee powder and add hot water to the filter along with powder. The filter must give drop by drop decotion so that the taste would be good. Once the decotion in prepared it must be well mixed by taking the help of two glasses. That will give the foam effect which enhance the taste. Add hot milk and sugar to the taste and serve.
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