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    Think: When we help one another, then every body wins

    The main reason for hatred, anger, frustration , dissatisfaction , rejection and commotion are all due to inequality among the people and that gives rise to undue quarrel, challenges, revenges and goes to the extreme case of even murder. To avoid all these things, why cant the people around us or in in fact every one in this world must help one another and be a cause to others development. In that case there cannot be loser and every one will be winner. What is your view on this thought. Say with few words.
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    To reiterate such good habits only our moral stories formed and if we make understand such moral stories from schooling we can or could have develop good citizens. But our Educationalists become money motive and ignore the needy topics or subjects. In one moral story we have read the two goats gave way to each other when faced opposite to opposite in a narrow bridge, so that both crossed the bridge. This may be a small story but have valuable meaning in it as we have to adjust others and extend our help to others which is necessarily considered in present day married life as there are number of cases of divorce or separation in the family court of all cities and states. Unless we extend our palm we cannot extend the elbow is the usual saying from my mother. we have extend our possible help to others.

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