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    The broken pieces; me and the lamp

    [This story wins the joint first prize for the creative writing contest 'Me, a lamp']

    Word selected: Coercion (previously used by Juana)

    Synonym: Forced

    He forced her onto the ground. There was a loud thud when she hit the hard floor, hurting her hands. He slammed the door behind her and went out. After a few seconds, she heard the car start and listened as its sped away to the distance. First she felt sad, and then started to cry. Not because she was sad, but her body was aching so badly. She tried to get up, but couldn't. There was not a single bone in her body that wasn't hurting. After a while, she picked herself up went to the kitchen and had a bottle of water. Her body was swollen; she grabbed all the ice from the freezer and soaked herself up.

    It was a simple thing really. She asked where he was off to; he lost his mind and threw that old lamp at her. Had she not ducked, she would have been knocked out cold. Tears again started welling up in her eyes. She walked to the spot where the lamp was, on the floor broken beyond repair. She gently picked up the pieces in her hand. Then she started moaning loudly. "Oh mother!" she cried "please forgive me!" This lamp was the pride of her mother, it belong to her family and had been passed down for generations. She clearly remembered what her grandma had told her when she was a kid. "This lamp is the most prized possession of our family. I remember lighting this up and waiting for your grandpa to come home, and when" her old eyes became moist "when one day he didn't show up, the only courage I got was that I had the guiding light with me. When it's time for you to care it, care it well." All she could do now was gather up the pieces and put them in a box. Although it pained her, she had to do it.

    She couldn't understand what it was that made him angry. She called her boss, everything was good at the office, and even his best friends said that he was okay when he was with them, but at home, he was increasingly becoming more violent. She couldn't physically stand it anymore. She had no one to turn to; their marriage was a story of mutiny, against his and her parents, against the society, against their culture. She thought what her mother had told her, "Don't do this you don't know what you are going into." "I was young and foolish then" she thought, mom was right. After 2 years of marriage, their relationship was becoming something ugly; they were the most envied couple in college. All these thoughts crept through her mind as she cuddled herself into the cold bed. Her stomach groaned in pain. "Hush baby!" she whispered "I won't let anything happen to you!"

    She closed her eyes, and silence prevailed. There were no questions and answers, as always, silence prevailed.

    Contest entry thread. (Me a lamp, part 3)

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    Wow this is fit for award write up from the author and the narration was mentioned in such a way, I could visualize the scene in front of my eyes. Great going.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sidharth, you have put the pain and sadness felt by a hurt person in black and white. I could not stop reading till end when I started to read this narrative.
    The agonies of life in some of the married couple is very nicely depicted in this piece of prose. You have also very finely presented the male dominance and softness of a woman in society in cases.
    Congrats, please post such powerful packs time and again, we love to read them.

    Knowledge is power.

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