Diya and Diyash meeting with Diyas.

Wonderful - Amazing

Amazing! – Diya turned back by stopping the process of designing Rangoli of Diyas in front of the house for the festival of Diyas and looked the guy standing there.

With the sound happened at the entrance of the house, Diya's parents came out and invited the guy inside the house.

Diya wondered about the guy and thought whom it may be, but Mom and Dad invited him inside and with the thought she also entered the house.

Mom and Dad asked her to get ready for outing and hence she went inside her room. After getting ready and came out of the room, she heard Mom and Dad talking to the guy about his trip and asked about his partents. From the conversation, she could guess that he is the guy visited to their house with the marriage proposal.

After a brief introduction, they all started for the outing. Their car stopped in front of a famous hotel of their city, they all visited the lawn. After some refreshment, Diya and the guy left alone for mutual understanding.

Diyash started the conversation and with that, Diya could understand that he came all the way from US to finish the marriage proposal with Diya and also said that he had seen the details of Diya in Matrimony site and all other formal talks with the two parents were over and hence came in person to meet her. But her parents did not tell her so far as she was hesitant to get married all these days.

So not with much interest, she just listened to him and slowly impressed with talks as his talks went around comparing the coincidence of lamp in her and with Birbal story .

Diya, for these many days, I am not interested in marriage but after seeing the photograph of yours in matrimony really clicked my mind and even recalled the story of Birbal, which my childhood teacher told about it. The lamp in the picture available in the Matrimony Site really took me to the the story and the lamp really spread fragrance to my life.

Oh! That is good. That photograph is clicked in the regional ceremony of our village where we, women (sometimes men too) will light the lamps in the order of odd number starting from five and keep those lamps in peepal tree leaves and left in the river water during evening and looks really good and the belief is the light will spread happiness and goodness in our life. Though in that time I was not of great belief of saying by others that it will bring a good partner and now I have slowly started believing with your saying that the lamps in the photograph attracted much.

Yes Diya, that shows the traditional touch of your family which is very important in US life as most of the girls thought otherwise but we should follow our tradition in the other land.

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