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    Sun and his son's Midnight Redlight operation

    Word Selected 'Halt'(of Mr.Partha). Synonym 'Stop''

    "Stop" shouted Raja. Mr Sun brought his good old Padmini to a screeching halt. Sun asked his son,"What happened, Raja?" Raja said,"Dad, just reverse the vehicle. I have seen something." Sun reversed his vehicle and parked it on the left side of the road. Raja said,"Dad, Can you see a red lamp flickering there?" Sun said,"Yes. I can see." "Dad, I think, someone is waving a red light seeking for help." Raja said. Sun said,"May be. It is 12 O'clock midnight. It could be some ghost, I think." "Stop it dad. You always think about ghosts. Very bad is your negative thinking. I think, someone is in emergency and needs a help or something is wrong there. That's the reason they have selected a red lamp. Let us go and see what's there." Raja said.

    Sun steered his Padmini towards the building from where the red light appeared. As the car reached the building, the red light disappeared. Sun and his son were wondering to see no red light in that area. The area was fully dark and silent with no movement of personnel. Sun said,"I already told you that it could be a ghost. See, the light is missing. Let us return."Raja said,"come on dad, Don't be in a virtual world. We are in a real world." He asked his dad to park and hide the vehicle in a dark place with no lights on. Suddenly they could see a white light flashing from a bush.

    After few minutes, they could see a lady coming out of the building and reaching the bush. Sun and his son quietly followed the lady. There they saw a gentleman handing over a suitcase to the lady. The gentleman said,"Keep it safe until 31st March. You can take your 40 percent share." They parted after kissing each other.

    Sun and his son rested in the car for one hour. They quietly drove down to the nearby police station and narrated the events. At 0300 hrs, the police along with IT officials raided the lady's house and found the suitcase containing new 2000 rupee currency notes(100 bundles) worth 2 crores. The police arrested the lady and started their investigation. This was informed to the Prime Minister. The news flashed in the newspapers and TV channels.

    Sun and his son were awarded by the Prime Minister of India for their red light action.

    @ This is my entry for 'Me a lamp' creative story writing competition.
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    While the story was pure creation of the author but I find it non acceptable as those who are doing wrong things never give a hint of their clandestine operations and get got that easily.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent story from Mr. Sun with a touch of thriller. I have enjoyed reading it.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    What I understand is that you are weak in communication to know the flashing of lights and the secret operation. Only the understanding people will understand it clearly. Also, a creative story need not be realistic. It can be a bundle of unbelievable lies too.

    No life without Sun

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    Not a great story. Attempted, it's good.
    This may be because I am exposed to best of literature these days. All the Best Sun.

    Chitra Rana

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    One should not forget after reaching high with the best literature to look big things as small things, and great things as ordinary things. Good to see your best literature these days. Thank you for your great response, Chitra.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun, I couldn't trace exactly how you felt after reading my response but it was surely not to hurt your feelings.
    I just didn't like the idea of story, and while trying to find the reason behind, I gave you a possible reason I could thought.

    Chitra Rana

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    My creative story is much concerned to the lamp and the current situation prevailing in our country. The story is simple but brings out the things that is currently happening in our India. I am a creative member who thinks about the present, not the past and future. You should have posted your views by omitting the words "Not a great story." To me, it is a great story written in simple English without any room for high or best English literature and vocabulary.

    Further, it is imprudent to use such terms (Not a great story) to a product submitted as an entry to a contest. It would become a recommendation to the contest author for selection of winners. You can bring out the language defects or any other defects noticed by you, but not such great ill-fitting comments.

    No life without Sun

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